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Yana Novozhenina — Cody, Wyoming

Cheating lying Russian girl who uses and manipulates men. Drug addict who was purchased by another cheater on this site Jesse Gruel. Beware dating her shes a pathological liar. narcissist s***k who will f@#$ your friends behind your back and think nothing of it. Remove me!

Amber Wentz — Wyoming

Amber knows she wants some d**k and doesn’t care if it belongs to another woman. They all want her, all cheaters. Good thing for her, too, she charges or trades s*x for dope. That’s how she can afford to get high, d**k for dope. Smoke it, snort it up her nose, that’s her thing, riding […]

Sann Johnson — Wyoming

Five kids with one on the way, at least the next baby daddy will know she likes to f**k, doesn’t make a man wear a d**n rubber! Sann has been barefoot and pregnant and in the kitchen for a long time, she can probably heat up soup and make toast. She’s not a cheater, she […]

Kim McMasters — Wyoming

Ol’ girl, Kim, isn’t into fighting over another woman’s man. She’s sneaky and likes to cheat but doesn’t want confrontation, doesn’t want to get hit in the face. It takes too long to heal and she wants to have as much nasty s*x as possible before her snapper shrivels up for good. Drd’s haven’t slowed […]

Joe Chesney — Cheyenne, Wyoming

Warning about Joe Chesney Warning 4 ladies in Cheyenne Wyoming & other areas. I write as a brother 4 a lady whos been victimized by Joe Chesney 1.he contact my sister on dating site while in Minnesota 2. she gave him 2 much info about her life 3.he sent naked photos of his di*k. He […]

Wesley Ray Shiflar – Wyoming

Wesley Ray Shiflar worked hard to get with me. We were friends for about 3 years before he asked me todate him. i am a woman working in the oil field and i work out of town often times. He lied and lied about being unfaithful and i felt itin my gut. so next hitch […]

Dan Conrad — Cheyenne, Wyoming

Dan Conrad aka Danny Conrad is a liar and a cheater and a no good scoundrel. He told me we were exclusive but then I find out that he had been using eharmony to meet more women and sleep with all of them. He will lie and lie until he can’t even remember what lies […]

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