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Samantha Casper — Wisconsin

I was dating Samantha Casper for five months she cheated on me the whole time prostitution works at Showtime and lied about everything then she gave STOs two of them be aware of her she’s an actress she’s a pom star Then I caught her in the act cheating and then she placed an order […]

Brittany Thielen — Madison, Wisconsin

Pretends to be polyamorous but doesn’t know any of the poly terminologies. She was calling her SO (primary) a “romantic partner” which doesn’t mean anything other than having s*x with the person. Later found that she Is actually using poly as a cover to lure in guys to do s*x cam with her for free […]

Becca Vertz — Green Bay, Wisconsin

This chick is psycho. She’s a gym rat and hangs out there all day long. I didn’t find out she was married with kids until after we had hooked up a few times. After that, I tried to break it off and she just kept calling and texting and following me around. After a few […]

Clint Schwartz — Green Bay, Wisconsin

My n***a a cheater he is a scumbag he flirts with my friends in my face and my family has embarrassed me time and time again and I continue to forgive but not no more I refuse to keep being a stupid a*s b***h. I let this n***a go anywhere he wants I don’t check […]

Randy Kunsch – Phillips, Wisconsin

Serial cheater. Searches for women in various sites. Commonly will share that his marriage is most like brother-sister relationship. Claims to have not had s*x for 7 years but has been telling women this for more than 15 years. Has had s*x with at least one male. Tells the current woman that she is the […]

Meagan Hanson — Melrose, Wisconsin

She sleeps with my man then has the audacity to deny it! She f*****g him multiple times pregnant with her son, No wonder the dad is outta the picture!! She posted hit about him but I think she’s p****d that he moved on while she’s stuck with her kids!! 1m calling ti complains to her […]

Richie Nussbaum — Wisconsin

Richie or Ricardo Boomer (LMAO he changed his name to on FB) is a liar and a cheater. He throws temper tantrums like a 5-year-old when he doesn’t get his way. Gave previous wives STD’s because he refuses to use condoms (especially when he can’t keep his d**k in his pants). He is always on […]

Randy Kunsch — Phillips, Wisconsin

This man is a serial cheater. He fishes for women on various sites. He tells them that he and his wife have not had s*x for 7 years (and has been using that line for at least 14 years). He learns what his victims likes are and then becomes what she wants – anything from […]

Samantha Andersen — Racine, Wisconsin

This girl is fixated on people she can’t have. She has it in her head that she can bully and harass people into giving her, her way. Including stalking, cyber-bullying, getting phone numbers and calling and hanging up from a restricted number or playing songs into the phone. She will do ANYTHING to try and […]

Rachel Fundak — North Freedom, Wisconsin

This red-nosed s**t will abandon a friend for a chance to get f****d by her friends’ baby daddy – the red-nosed b***h on the left in this picture. They’re both cheating skanks and deserve all the drd’s they can bring home to each other. Rachel isn’t wanted by the b***h on the left, he hit […]

Rachell McLain — Menasha, Wisconsin

Another casual pose for Rachell McLain, a w***e who likes cheaters from the Menasha, Wisconsin area, men with jobs or trust funds who can afford her side-s**t services. She plans her poses, pimps her assets and overcharges. She’s not far away from being on the streets, a Ho on the stroll. Someone please pay to […]

Vinnie Hartmann — Madison, Wisconsin

Wanted to warn women of this ugly psychotic cheater and male s**t. I met this jerk off facebook. He tried to act like he was a nice person..once he met, then he said one reason he was online was that he was looking for something sexual possibly but also to go out. I pointed out […]

Michele Rudolph – Appleton, Wisconsin

Michele Rudolph f***s her boss at ServPro in Appleton, Wisconsin. Married men are her first choice. Two of the men she got with were in relationships called marriages. She sleeps around and drinks, drinks and sleeps around. She’s on a merry-go-round and can’t get square with the concept of marriage.Buy her a drink, show her […]

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