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Reina Phon — Wichita, Kansas

Reina Phon is a real musty a*s hoe, Don’t leave her in or even have her in your home she will rob you blind. Don’t stand to close to this b***h you will get knocked out by the smell of her stanking ranking breath it will knock you out. She has a little daughter and […]

Makenzie Simmer – Wichita

She lies about being abused. Trips on acid, drinks, smokes and snorts crystal meth. Oh and pops pills if you got any. Smh. She recently had court to fight to get her son back from the state and chose, literally CHOSE not to go. Why? She says because she has no job but its because […]

Johanna Kellner – Wichita

Trying to sum this atomic floozy up in a short story is going to be difficult. One could write a novel on how absolutely disgusting she is. well known as ” hojanna” she spreads her nasty legs to everything that will give her attention. Thanks to her the greater population of Wichita has drds. Her […]

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