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Megan E Lucas — Charleston, West Virginia

Pretty sad about her recent Facebook behavior. Her husband left her and she lied to people about being rich because he was. Neither is rich sadly. Her four kids are With him most of the time while she posts about herself constantly and her trips men pay for. We all know sweetie. $10.00 I hr. […]

Darrell Ashworth — West Virginia

He is an attention-seeking liar and all his lies have caught up with him. Don C is also the name of his where he had review pages and hospitals. Beware. He messaged me claims I was pretty and let’s be friends. Then over time, I found out he was married and he was always insulting […]

Sharon Wheeler — West Virginia

She’s cheated on two of her husband’s. One of whom lived in a town chelyan . Another in another county of WV. She lies, cheats and has had people live with her who is family. She took items from the baby shower they had that was in her home selling them . Especially the bundles […]

Ernestine Adkins Stephenson — West Virginia

It makes most people sick she acts religious and like the grandma of the year. She gets online bullying people and has her son’s do it also. She’s cheated on several men and still does. She even commented on her status for her pies when men posted comments your sexy and she gave her number […]

Caitlin Mitchell

Caitlin Mitchell of Elizabeth Warren’s Campaign is a real hobo. She drives a stolen car with gas that she also steals and a fake out-of-state license plate printed on her computer. She is an aggressive driver swirving in and out of traffic looking for a fight when she should be sleeping like most everybody else.

Caitlin Mitchell Beckley, WV

Caitlin Mitchell is of the wife beating kind. This schizophrenic jewish terd doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “No” even after being told time after time. She works for a giant jewish debt collector named Elizabeth Warren and is a total lesbian crack w***e who goes around spreading rumors to people who dont pay […]

Caitlin Mitchell

Caitlin Mitchell is a n****r with one big bad haircut who is obviously off her psych meds. She has a mental illness and needs to schedule another appointment with her therapist so she can enjoy life again as a dull figured latina.

Angela Cooper — West Virginia

She’s always trying to t threaten and sue people. Once she worked at fast food and tell in front of thirty customers and tried to use the handicapped and sue card. She’s always been a useless punk and dirtbag. I’m such a happy princess love, my husband, on facebook. Everyone knows what she does behind […]

Maria Barefield — Belle, West Virginia

Mr dickens who’s the co-owner of a restaurant is engaged to this girl and they got a marriage license. However, she’s a dumb ugly gold-digging s**t. He’s got kids and a lady. I feel sorry for his woman not knowing this dumb big bird nosed borderline r****d loser has no regard. Maria is dating Scott […]

Leslie Mitchell Robinson — Charleston, West Virginia

This nurse is the bottom of the bottom of slores. How does she work with patients while on pills, sleeping with patients and doctors. its disgusting! She had to get multiple DRD test recently cause the gym boys were running it on her so she resorted to sloring at work. How does she stayed employed […]

Vanessa Denise Heslop — Wheeling, West Virginia

Imagine waking up to this first thing in the morning, without makeup and filters?! It’s scary, I know, but this is Vanessa and she steals friends’ husbands. Most don’t want to stay the night, just hit it and quit it, but the consequences are disastrous for families. She says she found her own sucker who […]

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