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Goon Has Warts

Evan Neale: Arcadia Townhomes, Federal Way, WA Camano Island 253-332-9118 He sleeps around and lies, deceives and gaslights. Used to work for BNSF Railroad. Plays paintball and hangs out at Mazatlan, Dino’s and Starlake in Kent. Do not believe a word he says. He’s DIRTY. HAS WARTS.

GoonKnows Lying, Cheating and Disrespect

Evan “Goon” Neale from Federal Way, WA will trick you into having unprotected s*x with him while he sleeps with multiple other people behind your back, carrying on several different relationships and online dating accounts the entire time. He’s a liar, cheat and a public health risk. He is never monogamous.

Ira Ney Scumbag Guy

This “man” is a lying, cheating, user of a loser that got his dumb self busted by sending his girlfriend the wrong text. This deadbeat would rather sit in front of a computer 18-20 hours a day playing games and chasing p***y then work to support his household and the 4 kids he moved 3000 […]

Jim Rogers — Seattle, Washington

A PERVERT judge Jim Rogers from Seattle, Washington who raped a little boy and sexually abused him and the victim was his next-door neighbor child. Jim Rogers was the judge for King County Superior Court until he was arrested and charged with Rape and Child Molestation of a child under the age of 2 years […]

Carie Vaughn — Washington

She was talking to Brian Gosney when she knew he had a girlfriend. She said that she was just wanting to be friends. But she was so happy to meet him. They ended up meeting at a memorial service. I saw them making out after the service. She acts like she only wants to be […]

McKenna Nagy and Stoney Miller

McKenna Nagy is a notorious cheater who had an affair on her husband with Stoney Miller of Long Beach Wa. If you are thinking about entering a relationship with McKenna please note that she will cheat on you in a heart beat with anyone who offers.

Cassandra Rice — Spokane, Washington

If you see this curly-long-haired, redhead you should run!! I am sorry I do not have pictures of her. She is slight of build and on the thin side. She seems very outgoing at first to suck you in and then later…watch out! Her human relation skills suck after you know her beyond the first […]

Dennis Greenhalgh — Vancouver, Washington

Dennis Greenhalgh is a Con Man. He is also a pathological liar, and looks you right in the eyes as he lies. He has victimized nearly every human being he has come across by his lies, deceit, control, cheating, stealing, fraud, and abuse. There is nothing honest, decent, or ethical about this man. He has […]

Jennifer Harris — Kirkland, Washington

This woman is so unethical, doesn’t have any self-control, wastes her time harassing people online. She is a dog walker with the company Pup Strut in Kirkland Washington. She went to Inglemoore High School and Chapman University, although she did not actually graduate and does not have a college degree. (I mean, she’s a dog […]

Duane Bowen — Spokane, Washington

Lied about everything…dated another girl I knew at the same time he dated me..lied to her too…cheated on girls all the time. Just a pathetic person and the world needs to know. He has a long history of using women and frankly, I would be worried about him having an STD. Has literally slept with […]

Ivory Becker — Vancouver, Washington

This woman Ivory Becker is the biggest w***e s**t in Vancouver, Washington and she moved from one place because she caused so much h**l by doing drugs and sleeping with all her friend’s men and causing so much much s**t. She doesn’t Want her own man all she wants is yours. This w***e sleeps with […]

Andrew Richards — Washington

This worthless a*****e has 2 beautiful kids, a 12-year-old girl, a 9-year-old boy. He has seen his daughter less than 5 times since she was a baby and does not pay child support even though he makes almost 2000$ a month for being “disabled”. He fakes disability and mooches off women to support him claiming […]

Richard E Barnea — Clarkston, Washington

This guy is a tool. He will tell you he is “Crazy about you”…. but truth is, he is just CRAZY. He drinks till he passes out. Can’t even stand when he gets totally blitzed. His drink of choice is Brandy and he can consume a whole 5th in one sitting. He badmouths all his […]

Lora Bartholomew — Washougal, Washington

Her body is like a pincushion of s*x and dreams, different guys who have already f****d this cheating w***e and left her with a memory of their time together. Lora has a hard time remembering who some of them are, she gets around that much. Two or three of the names she got done for […]

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