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Duane Bowen — Spokane, Washington

Lied about everything…dated another girl I knew at the same time he dated me..lied to her too…cheated on girls all the time. Just a pathetic person and the world needs to know. He has a long history of using women and frankly, I would be worried about him having an STD. Has literally slept with […]

Ivory Becker — Vancouver, Washington

This woman Ivory Becker is the biggest w***e s**t in Vancouver, Washington and she moved from one place because she caused so much h**l by doing drugs and sleeping with all her friend’s men and causing so much much s**t. She doesn’t Want her own man all she wants is yours. This w***e sleeps with […]

Andrew Richards — Washington

This worthless a*****e has 2 beautiful kids, a 12-year-old girl, a 9-year-old boy. He has seen his daughter less than 5 times since she was a baby and does not pay child support even though he makes almost 2000$ a month for being “disabled”. He fakes disability and mooches off women to support him claiming […]

Richard E Barnea — Clarkston, Washington

This guy is a tool. He will tell you he is “Crazy about you”…. but truth is, he is just CRAZY. He drinks till he passes out. Can’t even stand when he gets totally blitzed. His drink of choice is Brandy and he can consume a whole 5th in one sitting. He badmouths all his […]

John Thomas Klevens — Kirkland, Washington

John Klevens has genital herpes and not only fails to inform his partners about his disease but actually denies that he has it, telling me, “No, I’m clean.” He is on suppressant medication but rarely wears a condom. He is very aware that his transmission risk is reduced, but “not zero”. He justifies his actions […]

Lora Bartholomew — Washougal, Washington

Her body is like a pincushion of s*x and dreams, different guys who have already f****d this cheating w***e and left her with a memory of their time together. Lora has a hard time remembering who some of them are, she gets around that much. Two or three of the names she got done for […]

Mandy Malone — Seattle, Washington

Give this s**t a few drinks and she’s ready to f**k a lot of married man on the day he’s renewing his wedding vows, that’s the kind of tramp she is! She will say she’s sorry once she sobers up but can’t wait to drink with the married couple any time she gets a chance, […]

Avi Sinensky is a fat Polish Jew

Avi Sinensky is a FAT POLiSH Jew who rapes prostitutes for money. He is HIV positive and has Genital Warts all over his face and Hepatitis from never getting vaccinated because he is too Jewish and Cheap. This f*****g Polack has no p***s preferring an inny smells like s**t from never showering because he is […]

Philip Petersen of Olympia, Washington is a cheater

Philip Petersen also known as Phil Petersen and Chip Petersen. Owner of Philip Petersen’s Affordable Home Repair and Petersen’s Homefix is a cheater. He uses his business to meet vulnerable woman to start affairs with. He has been in a 13 year relationship with his girlfriend, Terri Cohlene. He is a charmer and a sweet […]

Johnny Juan – Shortest but biggest Liar in Seattle

Johnny Juan from Seattle, that works at King County Metro is almost 50 years old but he is a habitual prevaricator! He is a narcissist who gaslighted me to me thinking he wasn’t sleeping around behind my back. Unbeknownst to me, he was sleeping with this Nasty girl named Ceci Mena from Seattle who works […]

Ceci Mena – Seattle, Washington

Ceci Mena who works for King County Metro in Seattle gave the man I been with DRDS. She continued to sleep with him sleeping knowing I existed. She is 15 years his junior cause the man she is with is almost 50 years old and he has urinary incontinence. He is a narcissist who gaslighted […]

Andrea Peters (Olympia, Wa)

Andrea is a cheater, sleeping with her boss to get ahead in local real estate. Her boss is Steve at Windamere. Do not buy a home from her unless you want your husband to be a Target to her sexual needs.

Nadir Hamid — Washington

Nadir Hameed is my ex husband- he is a drug dealing loser who has illegal growing operations for marijuana. He cheated on me in our own condo. He stole nearly $75,000 from me and my Mom and has yet to pay us back. I have asked him about cheating on me in the past and he […]

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