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Brandon Scott — Blacksburg, Virginia

Brandon is obsessed with me to the point where I had to leave him. He is a sociopath he put his hands on me has spit on me I’ve had to lie to doctors about where injuries came from this guy. He is all around just creepy. He will hit me in front of our […]

Trey Scott Geering — Portsmouth, Virginia

He is 30 years old he uses unprotected s*x he has 5 kids only is there for 1. He has many b*****s if you think you the only one you are wrong. He is a b*m a compulsive liar abusive and poor excuse as a man. Tell his sad story of him being a foster […]

Jacqueline Miller — Virginia

Jacqueline Miller of Virginia is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I met her a while back while she was working at the college. She presented herself as a woman of G*d and weeks later I found out she was a s*x addict and alcohol. She is featured on video in s*x clubs engaging in orgies. […]

Rose Thomas Williams — Pulaski, Virginia

This wonderful woman found me on a dating site and played a really good game of convincing me what a good churchgoing Christian woman she was. She wanted a soulmate to love forever. After convincing me to move out of my state and live with her plan was in action. She watched as I gave […]

Jennifer Signorelli — Chesapeake, Virginia

Let me introduce to you this narcissistic Homewrecker Jennifer Lee Signorelli-Passanessi originally from Commack. She is living in Chesapeake VA in a small 2 bedroom apartment with her two test-tube children. Let me tell you she is a horrible mother and I feel bad for those poor children.The kids tell her they hate her every […]

Alexandria Rossheim – Virginia

Alexandria Rossheim (aka Alexandria Benanti, Alexandria EB Rossheim) is a homewrecker and cheated on her husband, She cheated with a man who had a wife and children, She threw herself at him and sought out an affair spanning for months, She engaged in both oral and vaginal s*x. The s*x was HORRIBLE and she was […]

Don Mattoon — Lynchburg, Virginia

He has cheated on every woman he has ever been with including his 2 ex-wives and 12 girlfriends. Caught him playing with his little 4-inch p***s in the bedroom. He can’t get an erection only way he can get an erection is you let him smell your a*****e or finger your b******e or fart in […]

Predator Chris Miles Collins

February 2019 – I met a man online twice my age over the summer. He was handsome, charming, and supposedly everything I could ask for. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how much looks can be deceiving. I had just begun dating for the first time when we met and wasn’t able to offer him the sexual […]

Rose Barr Hillbilly

Rose – She behaves like a two year old child even though she has two kids. She walks around like she’s perfect even the she gets her rocks off cheating on each other but still head to bedroom with those weird mixed smells. Red headed evil two timing witch from hades. Beware she may be […]

Melanie Lyons — New York

This b**** used me for over a year. She never worked a single day since I met her. She lies about everything. She had s*x with two homeless men and countless other guys. While sleeping at her friends house, she even slept with her babies father and one of her ex boy friends. She is […]

Cindy Snyder — Wise, Virginia

This is Cindy Snyder, a cheating tramp who wants to be a fluffer if she can ever jump start her c**k sucking skills. It’s not like she doesn’t practice a lot, nearly all the time, but there’s a certain technique that she doesn’t possess – sincerity. It’s just another c**k and sh’s always trying to […]

Melissa Anderson — Danville, Virginia

Melissa Anderson wakes up on a different couch each week, where am I? She knows she can’t keep her old body c**k hopping for much longer, sugar daddy wants something fresh. There are hundreds of fresh p*****s for him to cheat with, and Melissa did another wet towel bath this afternoon. Her junk is a […]

The Home Doctor Exterior LLC — Roofer who takes deposits and does not do the work!

This company is a scam, stay away from them or you will never see the job done and you will never ever get your money back. This Roofer Phillip Gehrig who takes deposits and does not do the work! We hired this company back in May 2019 to have them install a new roof for […]

Caroline Orr — Richmond, Virginia

Ever since Caroline Orr got kissed by another girl’s boyfriend, the name calling good p***y has been on-going. Kissing isn’t cheating and they were both drunk. Having partied all night and skipping the morning shower to make it to drug house on time, they were both stinky and still tingling from what might have been. […]

Kyle Lalonde – still cheating

Kyle is still cheating. I just slept with him the past Sat. We worked out together at Mt. Trashmore. He is a compulsive liar. He said he is still with gf, but things are not good since I exposed him to her! Ladies, this man can eat some p***y like nobody business. He will make […]

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