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Svetlana Bell — Essex Junction, Vermont

She met him at work and started f*****g him right away. Svetlana Bell is the s**t who will knowingly f**k a married man and tell his wife that he picked her when the cheating is discovered. She doesn’t seem to realize he picked her because she’s easy and he knew it from the beginning. She […]

Jaimie Lynn Martin – Shelburne, Vermont

This girl is one of a kind!!! Well not really. Just like alot of other girls out there. Slept with me the first night. Not arguing there….but turned into being a nutcase!! Convinced her to leave her man while he was locked up. 🙂 Wasn’t hard. But after that it just turned out to be […]

Peter Huntoon – Middletown Springs, Vermont

Peter Huntoon is a liar and cheater. He can’t even write a cohesive paragraph yet his ego is so huge he makes his equally egotistical wife write a WEEKLY newsletter to promote his business. Whose life is so interesting that they have to write a weekly, not monthly newsletter, which would suffice? He cheated his […]

Andrew Germain – Vermont

Andrew Seem like an amazing fun caring guy the just want a family and settle down! the truth is has a family! A wife an four children! i fell head over heels with him and it seemed like he my dream guy. the first few weeks were great before i found out he is a […]

Kendal Daiger — Stowe, Vermont

On 4th other half. Suches as family men that have great revenues as well as are wed when she pursues them. Control as well as existing are strategies utilized. She is unconfident and also defined by valuable other half as a psychotic. Will certainly quit brief rate of interests to follow her targets rate of […]

Joel J. Gomez — Springfield, Vermont

Joel J. Gomez said he wasn’t happy, but he couldn’t lose his daughter, who at the time, was a baby. The married woman he pursued and relentlessly harassed, (he was a family friend for 20 years) was stupid to trust him, but she did. She gave in on a day she begged to just talk. […]

Jennifer Just — Putney, Vermont

Jennifer Just systematically destroyed a woman’s family and wrecked a child’s life giving him severe depression and psychological issues. Any person who could do this to a small child should hang their head in SHAME for the rest of their lives.

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