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Kyle Gannon — Vernal, Utah

Kyle is a weird f**k, let me tell you what. Most of the time he is a complete d**k, but sometimes he’s the only kind of a d**k. But usually, he is just a little b***h. Sometimes I imagine what it would be like to just kick his country music listening, no fun having, grumpy […]

Janielle Wilins — Vernal, Utah

This b***h is a psycho in the sack. Me and all of my three homies ran a train on this b***h and when it was done she wanted a gang bang… something in every hole… is how she described it. This b***h is one freaky psycho in the sack and d**n was it not worth […]

Morgan Oxborrow — Salt Lake City, Utah

Shes a very nasty floozy and has s*x with men 50 years older than her. She has s*x with old men and wants 25 dollars one way and 50 dollars around the world. When she hand itched, she thought that meant she was about to come into some money. Other girls say they have a […]

Bruce Sallan — Utah

Meet Bruce ladies this man comes on so strong like he is an angel, but when you date him a year his true colors come out and he gets very abusive and starts hurting you while you are making love very scary s**t. I dated this sicko for 4 months OMG it was so horrible […]

Michael Catullo — Salt Lake City, Utah

This a*****e!!! I slept with him one time!!! Ended up getting pregnant. No, I didn’t want to have his baby, there was something off about him from the beginning! Anyways I had an abortion, told him In opes he would help with the $430 as I’m sure he didn’t want a baby with a one […]

Jennie Richards — Taylorsville, Utah

Found out that when we hooked up, Jennie was cheating on some guy by getting with me. Then come to find out she had 2 failed marriages because she cheated. Even after all that, I found out she was cheating on me with a few guys. Would break up with me (yeah, I should have […]

JayneAnn Stewart — Lehi, Utah

This b***h really giving dudes an drd she’s 16 doing coke and molly etc, she’s out giving everyone Chlamydia she f***** MATTYP behind his girlfriends back? I feel bad for her but she gave my bro chlamydia LMAOOO.. we will not be moving forward in a relationship

Ryan Van Gelder — Sandy, Utah

No compassion, no remorse for abusive and ill behavior. Condescending, hyper-critical, ragefully violent, compulsive liar, will gaslight and twist the truth around in order to make you feel worthless and crazy. Physically, mentally, emotionally, verbally, and spiritually abusive. Mocks others pain, and is sadistic in nature. Very cruel and unbelievably heartless man.

Tyler Matthew Jacobson — Utah

Ladies and men stay away. This guy is about as scummy as they come. Cheated on his wife numerous times with both men and women. Anything he can get. Started on Craigslist, moved on to dating sites and hook up sites. Will lie straight to your face with no remorse. If he bothers telling you […]

801-888-6877 | | Michael Weber 405 N Virginia St Salt Lake City, Ut 84103-4231

He called me, texted me… very explicit about me breeding him. Yes, no condoms for him because they hurt! He told me to get to his place A.S.A.P. and didn’t open the door, the next day he told me he got high and fell asleep. Avoid him! He’s a mess! 801-888-6877 Michael Weber 405 N […]

Ray Salazar — Salt Lake City, Utah

Ray is 65 and at the present time he lives in Bountiful. He works for the Department of Defense out near Tooele. He is Hispanic but looks more Native American, with high cheekbones and smooth skin. He collects GI Joes and is a women’s softball umpire. He is about 5’10” and weighs in excess of […]

Mitchell Kent Williams — Utah

Mitchell Kent Williams, Utah cheats on his wife and pursues married women. He is relentless in his pursuit and ignores advice to stop. He is a Psycho and a Sicko and should be revealed or his dirty ways. That is why I posted this. This Creep thinks he won’t get found out but I think […]

Allyx Tebbs — Salt Lake City, Utah

Allyx Brooke Tebbs. Remember that name if you plan to be in the Salt Lake City area, this Ho travels but not too far, she’s pretty busy locally. She’s a prostitute who likes scamming and extorting her tricks better than actually putting her mouth on their c**k or letting them put fingers or toes or […]

Courtney Iverson – Salt Lake City, Utah

Straight from Utah, Courtney likes the California weed and sunshine. She slept her way down the coast and ended up in Santa Barbara. She met a smoker at the hotel she was staying in and it was l**t at first sight, didn’t matter to her that he was married. They smoked it up and she’s […]

Jordyn Weaver — Utah

Jordyn Weaver is what someone who knows her calls: a homie hopper, she dumps one to use another, makes her way around the track acting friendly with all the mutual homie’s. She got the latest homie to try her dust bunny and swept him into her dirt pile. She’s getting known as the friendly c*m […]

Adriana Torres Ashley — Utah

This nurse is a cheating floozy. Her name is Adriana Torres Ashley but, that’s not the one she used on, when she was looking for someone who was looking for a cheater. When she’s not working as a nurse, she likes to get high, drink and f**k around on her husband. The man she’s […]

Kelly Melendez — Vernal, Utah

Kelly set her sights on a married co-worker and, after he got drunk and beat his wife, went to jail and got out, they started f*****g in secret. She didn’t care about his cheating, abusive behavior or the fact that he had another child on the way, she wanted to be his big girl. Of […]

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