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Nina Day — Worcester, Worcestershire

When she was f*****g abroad, Nina Day hardly ever thought about her boyfriend back at home. She cheated so much, she didn’t have time to think about anything except a quick clean up and fresh panties. She eventually stopped wearing panties to save time. She f****d all nationalities and all ages, she wanted to make […]

Karen Foster — London, United Kingdom

Karen Foster thinks she’s ready for a reality show and a line of knockoff clothing. A wanna-be model and amateur floozy, she works part-time selling her p***y for fast cash, She posts the pics on InstaGram and is looking for someone who likes plus sized cheaters with a nasty attitude and a dude with a […]

Fiona Campbell — Bradford, United Kingdom

While she was blowing her friend’s boyfriend, David Smith, from Bradford, United Kingdom, kept quiet about the c**k thievery, never said a word. Occasionally, she would ask her friend how things were going in their relationship, gauging how much time she had left with the cheating d**k-lollipop. Busted, this cheap s**t doesn’t have much to […]

Karen Fisher — Kent, Kent, United Kingdom

Head games and outright deceit haven’t worked, so far, for Karen Fisher. Her husband dumped her a*s and a judge ruled against her in court when she claimed she couldn’t work and needed to be compensated for the marriage. It was cheating that got her dumped and shallow dynamics that let the judge see through […]

Rukkiat Baphat – London, United Kingdom

She got with with a married man and knowingly got knocked up. Rukkiat is a rat and lied, said she was protected, on the pill and couldn’t get pregnant. Imagine how surprised his wife was to find out she was going to be a new step-mama/babysitter? Rukkiat doesn’t mind that he’s been around and is […]

Abi Horn — United Kingdom

Young and rough, Abi will take a slagging to s**g your man. If he’s married, it’s all the same to her and slutty sister Livi. They’re twins and that brings a twinkle to many a married man looking to cheat on his missus, two s***s for the price of one. Barnsley, Sheffield, Wakefield, here come […]

Leanna Donaldaon Dennis — Glasglow, Scotland

When Leanna isn’t filtering her poses, looking for a cheater to buy her some clean clothes, she’s busy cleaning herself from the most recent sexual contact, throwing out the soiled panties and brushing crusty leftovers from her hair. She has another date in ten minutes and she still smells like the nasty d**k she just […]

Christabel Milbanke – London, United Kingdom

Christabel “Critter” Milbanke is the latest floozy to hit Los Angeles, fresh from over there, where she was Earl’s Courts’ very own tramp without a stamp. Welcome to L.A., Chrissy Bell, find yourself an agent with a casting couch, skip the lessons, schooling and auditions, save your money, f**k an agent and his friends and […]

Trudy Fry — United Kingdom

Old groupies never die, they just switch bands to stalk and pursue for their own purposes. Trudy wanted Donny Osmond for the longest, but finally decided to pursue his bandmate when she realized Donny wasn’t going to be enticed, wasn’t going to cheat on his wife for her. Give her credit, she’s still chasing her […]

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