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This piece of s**t ON THE LEFT cheated on me in June. We met on bumble and got involved fast. He kept wanting to sleep over then I realized it’s because he’s a free loader, using women for a place to sleep. He had a different girl at his birthday party and my friend told […]

Ryan Mondoley sexually assaults and harasses women

​Ryan Mondoley is RAPIST! He’s also a misogynist who blames women for anything that happens to them. He doesn’t care if they are raped, murdered, assaulted, or harassed. The reason he doesn’t care is because he’s raped, sexually assaulted, and harassed women himself. Any of his comments will always blame the woman based on what […]

Fran Ruggles Total Trash

This sociopath,self absorbed,parasite leaches on to anyone in order to manipulate them. She has cheated on her husband numerous times and he even caught her in a s*x act with their family dog. Fran looks for people to manipulate then tries to swindle them out of money.Fran tells people G*d talks to her,then tries to […]


he called me from 610-527-8228 told me the story of his pathetic life and never closed the deal… I don’t know if he was on drugs or what? Later on he made plans with another escort who was staying with me in the same hotel and never showed up.

David J Franklyn 650-436-2815

David J Franklyn 650-436-2815 he wanted me to get to his place at 50 West Bellevue San Mateo, California 94402 ASAP… he wanted to f**k me raw which is fine with me because I’m on PrEP. He also said it would be his first time doing this… I was visiting and staying in a hotel […]

Michael Hackler, 52 years old 253-341-1099

Michael Hackler, 52 years old 253-341-1099 He told me he was a complete bottom and he wanted to get f****d by me and eat my c*m… but he never showed up at my place in Seattle. A couple of other local escorts had similar issues with him. He also suggested smoking pot on his way […]

206-856-3063 122 Broadway Seattle

206-856-3063 122 Broadway Seattle He told me never before hired an escort and he’s very hot and has a bf… Of course he said he was clean and wanted BB s*x… I ubered to his place at 122 Broadway Seattle but he never opened the door… I guess he was playing games.

267-456-0075 James J Caiola

267-456-0075 James J Caiola He sexually harassed me and other employees while working in the Green Tavern. How come he’s been able to get away with this for so long? he’s a closeted homosexual, stay away from him.

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