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Joey Martin

Joey is a pos who takes advantage of woman, unemployment and not paying child support. All he cares about is looking good on the internet and stealing

Joey is a loser

Joey uses females because he can’t buy s**t on his own. He’s on unemployment and takes advantage of the government so he doesn’t have to pay child support, including his fathers ssn. He’s a POS and I feel bad for you if you didn’t research him before hand

Jimmy Kirk

Jimmy is a master manipulator who will love bomb you, and make you feel that you’ve both found your soulmate. Then gaslight you to the point where you question your own sanity and reality. He has sexual assault charges pending for the manipulation and rape of a woman. He solicits underage women by sensing them […]

Rebecca Sharp — Austin, Texas

She was formally Rebecca Webb Villarreal. She chose to go back to her married name before me. Was married to her for 3 years, the Worst mistake I ever made. She always denied cheating even when getting caught. She lies about everything in her life. She is trash and will always be trash. Well, I […]

Richard Goff — Seabrook, Texas

This married guy had a two-plus year affair with a married woman in his neighborhood. He pretended to be her family’s friend, came around for parties, and met them out for drinks. When it was discovered what had been going on and his wife(Dr. Camille Goff) was informed, she said this had happened numerous times […]

Samantha J German — Fort Worth, Texas

Met her in DC, started as a business fling, things got heavier, feelings developed but She lived out of town so I kept things slow Always says I’m cheating Always asking about my business partners (female only) We both travel for business regulal1y, great dates/convo/s*x at first… then tile distance, fewer texts, but always visited […]

Amanda Blackwell — Houston, Texas

If you are willing to spend some money, Amanda Blackwell is the slore for you. She will make sure you have a good time but she doesn’t take checks. It’s strictly a cash transaction and is on a first c*m, then go basis. She claims to be a sugar baby, like millions of other slores […]

Rita Vasquez — Corpus Christi, Texas

Cheating hood rat who goes after men in relationships and cheats on her boyfriend with her own neighbor! Think she’s your friend? Guess again because she will only use that to get closer to your man. She’s also a crack head and fools around with one of her dealers. I saw her getting dumped off […]

Brittany Fernandez — Corpus Christi, Texas

This nasty thing is a homewrecker and a cheater……has worked at different apartment complexes and targets married men. Particularly the ones she works with. She’s extremely rude to the wives of these guys like myself which is a blatantly stupid give away. The maintenance crew at one complex in particular used to joke and high […]

Emily Clarke — Houston, Texas

I just wanted to expose and put this w***e on blast. She is a drd stripper from the Midwest. She is associated with some shady people and even has law enforcement after her. If you are at her club run away as fast as she can. Nothing but trouble!

Blake Carrington — Houston, Texas

She wants your time and money. F**k you, give her your money and save yourself a lot of aggravation, Blake Carrington uses men who think she might look good with c*m splattered all over her face, their c*m. She plays along with her own agenda, getting another sucker to fall for what she says she […]

Kwajualien Thomas

Kwajualien Thomas is one ugly nasty Houston Texas trick. My boyfriend showed me everything. She was stalking my him for a few weeks trying to meet up with him by offering him s*x, money, trips, and clothes. Texting and calling him nonstop and sending these nasty looking axx pictures of herself. He doesn’t know how […]

Brandi Belle — Houston, Texas

Meet Brandi, I was dating this chick when I found out she does sugaring on the side of her personal training hustle. Can you believe you get a training session plus extras included? I tell you it is rampant. All the women in Houston are now sugar baby or flozzys! Anything for money! Or that […]

Erica Newton — Belton, Texas

She’s no stranger when it comes to family d**k. Erica has f****d cousins, uncles, and her cousins’ husband, she likes to keep the p***y for the family to use when the other partner isn’t looking, is in the hospital or at work. A nice person really, you just have to get to know her a […]

Amy Dodd — Houston, Texas

She is 19 years old is moving from a small town in Texas named Alice to the big city Houston to become a sugar baby? When did becoming a sugar baby become a profession? Can you believe these young chicks have gone from strippers to now sugar babies to make a living? What is this […]

Vania Merida — Houston, Texas

I wanted to expose this floozy that broke up my marriage. I did some research. She is like 25 and still works at a breastaurant! She has been there she was in high school never went to college because she learned 2 things, 1, get breast implants, men will like you more! She was super […]

Olivia Huff — Houston, Texas

Meet Olivia Huff. I went with her to high school and she was your typical decent girl. Now I hear she is some sugar baby and homewrecker that sleeps with a bunch of old men. Where is the society going where a girl next door rather sell her soul than work for an accomplishment?

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