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Alexandr Baurciulu — Texas

Diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 2005 and didn’t tell me for 3 months after we were together. It took me 5 years but I finally uncovered the liar and cheater he is. He seems extremely sweet and is on his best behavior for the first 4 months and then you find out you have an […]

Reginald C Moore — Humble, Texas

I have tried everything in my being to not post or put this donor on blast! But he takes my kindness for weakness … and I am no weakling whatsoever, Mister Moore. has daddy issues! So because his daddy didn’t marry his mother, he takes out his frustrations on his children. He has two children […]

Daniel Conrad — Andrews, Texas

This mastermind is the king at ruining your life. This liar will sleep around with all your friends and not tell you about it, but when he gets caught cheating he will scream police. So Sick! If you see this spun of satan run for your life. He will blackmail you out of everything you […]

Cheater Mark Frederick

I was with Mark for over 3 years. Over time, I rightfully became concerned that he was being unfaithful to me. After lots of digging, I found out that he was cheating on me – with MEN – while dressed as a SISSY w***e! Pics of him in drag servicing men were discovered in one […]

Thomas Charles Barron III — Houston, Texas

Ladies beware! This man is a serial dater, cheater, con-man!! Look him up on the Rip Off Report. And other sites. His business, Beem’s Building and Design in Houston, TX has complaints going back many years about how he scams his customers. He has multiple arrests ranging from larceny to weapons charges. He is […]

Kevin Hamilton — Texas

Hi, all a heads up this guy here Kevin Hamilton is a scum bag that used my sister for his money. My sister is a bit chubbier than normal girls and so she fell in love with him and got engaged with him. She would pay for his expenses while she was the only one […]

Douglas Cromwell Crocker — Houston, Texas

Doug when we first began dating would brag about the first girl he dated referring to her as “the ex-stripper” and call his ex-wife a b***h. He would often pinch on my stomach even tho I told him it made me feel bad. He called me chubby and tried controlling what I ate, wore and […]

Micheal Hollenbaugh — Boerne, Texas

Michael married a child molesting sociopath and is willingly staying with her despite that her son molested our daughter. After this discovery, his wife went on a rampage to ruin our daughter’s life by manipulating Michael into denying the molestation. Michael has never paid a cent of child support. He is buying a 2015 Dodge […]

Javier Pruneda — Nassau Bay, Texas

Javier Pruneda is a Cheater and a liar and a douchebag creepy stalker. Cheats at every location his company sends him. Known to have STD. Two little girls at home that suffer because of him.

Diana Longoria — Houston, Texas

If you messed with Diana Longoria you probably still remember the doctor’s visit to get checked for anything she might have passed along from one of her other “friends”. Once she gets to sink her nails into a man’s back, it’s hard for her to give him up and she begs and claws for more. […]

Landie Urban — Denton, Texas

Landie Urban is 21, born 1-8-99. Has gonorrhea, herpes, chlamydia & recently diagnosed HIV Positive. It also presents with symptoms of comorbid bipolar disorder & schizophrenia. Landie changes moods ten times an hour, that’s why every guy she chases dumps her fat ugly a*s. Landie got so fat since high school, heard she gained 100 […]

Jason Michael Churchill — Austin, Texas

Jason Churchill is a pathological liar, manipulator and their. He’s been in jail in North Carolina for forging checks and is wanted in Austin Texas for stealing identities and fraud. He preys in single mothers and women that appear weak. He will take everything you have and disappear. There is not enough time in the […]

Jeff Lyon — Waxahachie, Texas

He cheated on his wife while she was In labor having his son! He is an addict with a major drug problem, a history of domestic violence, wife beater. He comes off as charming but he is a monster. He raped his own wife. injured he so bad she required blood transfusion.

Kolton Primeaux — College Station, Texas

He is crazy and he cheated on me multiple times with his “cousin” and I never had HPV until I met him! I was in love and stupid. Kolton thought he was a big rock star being in a band and messing around. I hope no one else falls for it if you choose to […]

Clare Martin — Allen, Texas

Clare Martin, 44, can’t take she got traded in & her ex-husband upgraded. Clare packed on 100+ pounds in a year and wonders why her boyfriend won’t marry her. She aspires to be a Real Housewife of Dallas. She is DRD positive. Clare’s only exercise is stirring up drama. Even her first-grade son gets exasperated […]

Aidan Davis — Watauga, Texas

He is a pathological liar. Says he’s single and the reality is that he has three children and has been married 18 years. He is on many dating sites. He exposes his naked body to his victims for validation. He lies and says he has lost many people in his life to gain sympathy for […]

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