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Bobby Rotten Tattoos

Do not give this METH ADDICT any of your money! He hides used uncapped meth needles beside the actual machines he uses to tattoo people with. Robert Daniel Conners has a record of domestic violence, which you can find online, and a long list of women he has physically abused. He recently almost killed a […]

Carol Hughes — Millington, Tennessee

This old granny s**t is not one to trust she does not care about anyone, All she wants to do is the hop on your husband d**k and spend every nickel and dime you have until it’s gone. She will love and adore you as long as you have money but when your broke because […]

Patty Sue Morris — Maryville, Tennessee

This mother and grandmother, who has been married to her husband, Tom, for 35 years and is a Church-going, self-proclaimed Christian is an unfaithful, home-wrecking woman. She has been having an affair with Stanley Ethard Franse since October of 2019. Stanley is also a married man. Patty Sue is the proud cafeteria manager of a […]

Stan Franse — Knoxville, Tennessee

Stan Franse is a lying, cheating, disrespectful, abusive, poor excuse for a man. He has extremely low self-esteem and gets off by targeting older women who have money. He is very charming and attentive at first until he gains his target’s trust and confidence. That is when he begins to victimize his prey. He will […]

Ronnie White Sr. — Memphis, Tennessee

This guy is a cheat and a user and a womanizer, so if you date him watch your back and sleep with one eye open. The love road won’t last long before he starts abusing you and your little children. You and your children will always live in fear if you date this monster. He […]

Dayla Beaudrot — Tennessee

She is a compulsive liar and a back to back a cheater. She has proved that she can’t function in a relationship. Stay away from her ar all costs. Also, she never learned to wipe her b**t …

Matthew Sternberg — Knoxville, Tennessee

Matt Sternberg comes off as a sweet, compassionate, nice guy. He portrays the man that any woman would want. “prince Charming”. But he is a pathological Liar. NOTHING he says is the truth. Not even the small things. Everything he says, Does and even owns… is ALL A BIG LIE!! He was in a serious […]

Melissa C Auman — Nashville, Tennessee

If you are willing to pay her way and give her money, Melissa will sleep with you when she knows you are already married. She a sociopathic nurse that sleeps with old-timers and the ones that can’t walk, they pay her good money for some stinky fish. She takes that money and travel and meet […]

Allee Kat — Knoxville, Tennessee

Junkie, cheater, psycho, w***e, easy for anyone to get into her pants both guys & girls. Caught her selling her a*s to my dad’s friends & found her ledger of all of her whorescapades! She’s a loser – you guys can have her. She’d probably f**k all of you. I’m sure shell tries to charge […]

Chase Trammell — Kingston, Tennessee

Chase comes off very sweet, kind, helpful and an all-around great guy. He is a liar though. I went on vacation for 2 weeks and came back to him ghosting me days before my birthday. He wouldn’t explain himself just that “he had stuff going on”. I gave him some space and tried to wait […]

Corey Leavitt — West Tennessee

Do not date Corey Leavitt from West Tennessee (Huntingdon, Memphis, Nashville, Murfreesboro) I dated him for almost a year. Went on several vacations. He moved some of his stuff to my place. Said he wanted to marry me, then one day I get a message from a lady who says she’s been seeing him off […]

Jim Collins — Murfreesboro, Tennessee

This post is a warning for other women, especially those with children to be cautious when considering dating Jim Collins who currently resides in Murfreesboro TN. He is probably from Florida and works at Ashbusters, He will make you live a nightmare and use you for everything he can and he will not care how […]

Eric Wayne McCrory – Sevierville, TN, USA

This loser is a filthy, white trash, junkie criminal! This drug addicted scumbag stole a vehicle from a service station that had an emotional support dog, named “Lola” inside. Eric held Lola hostage for days while trying to scam drugs. This pig was also mean to Lola, because once the owner got the dog back, […]

Clarissa Burke — Clarksville, Tennessee

Now that Clarissa hooked up with a man she tricked into giving her s*x and taking care of her, Clarissa Burke has nothing to do all day except talk s**t about people online and cheat in real life. Well, she does have to act nice to the extra people and her old man but that’s […]

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