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Colin Henderson Camden SC

This guy Colin Henderson is a serial cheater, master manipulator, and extremely deceitful. He’ll make you think you are the only one but in reality you are only one of 20. He will charm his way into your heart, your home, your bed, and your finances. He claims to be an empath and can cry […]

Alan Byars — Cayce, South Carolina

This Man Is Nothing But a Liar. He Is Great At Making You Feel Great At First, But Then He Becomes Nothing But A Monster! He Will Put You Down If You Do Not Do What He Says. He Will Turn Everything Around To Make Himself A Victim. He Will Try To Control You. He […]

Olivia Hopwood — Sumter, South Carolina

Olivia Hopwood is from Sumter South Carolina and she takes advantage of white boys for money and has s*x with black men because of there Dk size she has been doing this all through high school and still doing it now she gave my bf STDs and I found these pictures in his phone. he […]

Phil Scheele — South Carolina

This guy is the most dishonest fake liar I know. Not only that but he is a MAJOR METH ADDICT. I can also go ahead and tell you that he has a VERY SMALL P***S- 4 inches at best…quite pitiful. Anyway, he went to prison in 2006 for trafficking meth and a bunch of other […]

Troy Daren McClendon — South Carolina

Troy Daren McClendon committed adultery on his wife, with another married woman(penny Rizzo). He didn’t even have anything to do with his children. They have now disowned him, by saying he’s dead. Beware! He claims to be a Christian. I bet he can’t even find Genesis.

Timothy Jones Jr.

Timothy Jones Jr. Timothy Jones Jr. is a South Carolina man who is guilty of murdering his five young children through the use of strangulation especially. As a single father and computer engineer decided, after killing one of his children, decided to kill the other four rather than allow them to end up with with […]

Stacie Wilk of HP is a vile home wrecker in Greenville South Carolina WebActivism

Stacie Wilk who works at HP (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) as a recruiter in Greenville, South Carolina is responsible for the demise of many happy marriages and relationships. Stacie Wilk is actually 63 years old but she tells (mostly married) young men that she is in her early 40s basically to engage in booty-call encounters with […]

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