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Timothy Jones Jr.

Timothy Jones Jr. Timothy Jones Jr. is a South Carolina man who is guilty of murdering his five young children through the use of strangulation especially. As a single father and computer engineer decided, after killing one of his children, decided to kill the other four rather than allow them to end up with with […]

Stacie Wilk of HP is a vile home wrecker in Greenville South Carolina WebActivism

Stacie Wilk who works at HP (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) as a recruiter in Greenville, South Carolina is responsible for the demise of many happy marriages and relationships. Stacie Wilk is actually 63 years old but she tells (mostly married) young men that she is in her early 40s basically to engage in booty-call encounters with […]

Crystal Stewart Beacham — South Carolina

When your husband is out f*****g strangers instead of you, its time to get revenge. That’s exactly what Crystal did, she started f*****g a married man, cheated her ugly heart out. It made her so happy, her co-workers were all commenting about how happy this witch was looking. She’s looking again, misses the old happy […]

Alexandra Blankemeyer — South Carolina

Boyfriends c*m and go with Alexandra, they get tired of her cheating right away. They’re afraid of catching drd’s. You don’t have to be a mathmetician to know, all that nasty sexual exposure is going to eventually lead to some sort of disease or two. It seems she’s on a mission to knock over all […]

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