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Reggie Rainey — East Providence, Rhode Island

Works at BJ’s in Seekonk, MA. Has a girlfriend who is at his dirt hole apartment every night. When she’s working or away, he has numerous fat b*****s over to satisfy his disgusting s*x addiction. Has a son who he pays nothing in child support for. Will f**k anything and everything. I’ve heard he’s got […]

Lucas Diaz — Providence, Rhode Island

I just caught wind of all this and I just wanna say I have 3 children with Lucas and he abandoned all of them. He hasn’t spoken to or seen his kids in 5 years. My children are really screwed up about him leaving and turning his back. Smh. Me, Alicia, Jackie, and leighet have […]

Amanda Tsoumakas — West Warwick, Rhode Island

The future owner of the Honey Dew will be cheater and homewrecker, Amanda Tsoumakas, daughter and day worker at the family restaurant. A self-proclaimed w***e, you would think she would be paying attention to the business and learning good customer service skills for all paying customers. She ignores wives and girlfriends, concentrates on their partners […]

Madison Thornhill — Providence, Rhode Island

Dykes cheat as much as straight b*****s. This backstabber, Madison Thornhill, constantly hits on gay girls or gay friendly girls who are in relationships or married. She’s a real low life and will even backstab her friends for a chance to hit on their girlfriends. She loses friends a lot because their girl usually tells […]

Amanda Bozzi – Cranston, Rhode Island

Amanda layed down with someone, my husband fell over for the tramp. Her p***y is now known to him. That p***y and its absence will always be remembered by me. I felt so much for him. But, I live my life for me. I worked hard for our relationship…now he’s free…I’m still angry and will […]

Gina Parise Ferri — Warwick, Rhode Island

Started the affair in May 2014, ended in January after the other guys wife found out. She had a baby and got married in this time, the other guy did as well. Her best friend Nikki cheats on her husband too with a cop, so I guess misery loves company. They both would leave work […]

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