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Alfa Dorothy Galit Mariano — Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

Alfa Dorothy Galit Mariano from Oriental Mindoro is a classified homewrecker!!!! She destroyed her own family and chose to be with a wealthy man! She left her child and husband and went here in the UAE!!! She is an ambitious, gold digger, lowlife, shameless woman!!! How can one leave her child, destroy her own family, […]

Gabriella Ravida — Philippines

Gabriella Ravida is a Puerto Rican gypsy piece of s**t so fat her a*s is always pregnant with fifteen kids. She smells like s**t and looks like it too. Her dumb fat a*s was meant as a beast of burden pulling a plow making corn 🌽 like the Aztec for the Spanish and later settlers. […]

Mylyn Yampan – Baguio, Philippines

I met this w***e online she did some work for me she advertise she does write up, logos and so on, we started talking and started to talk serious relationship she was sweet and well-spoken very convincing, we started a romance she told me she has one son, husband left years ago and have no […]

Vanessa Endaya Quares — General Santos City, Philippines

Beware: This little reduced course c**t is a homewrecker, golddigger as well as a hypocrites. She wrecked a family members as well as shes pleased being a homewrecker. She uploaded images of her and also the individual on her fb accnt. This reduced course c**t do not care if she destroyed somebody household. She constantly […]

Marie Tolentino Devanadera — Laguna, Philippines

There is terrible woman living in the Alaminos, Laguna Philippines named Marie (Yumi) Devanadera Tolentino. This disgusting woman had an affair with my husband after knowing he was married. She harassed our families, created fake profiles on Facebook and Instagram to get our attention, because my husband didn’t want her. She worked as an escort […]

Ivy Soto — Cavite, Philippines

This is Ivy Soto who belongs or is a member of APO fraternity in the Philippines. She likes to be friends with guys abroad so she can have an affair with them and guys will send her some money and she calls this donations for the fraternity. In return she shows her body and has […]

Flor San Ignacio — Marinduque, Philippines

This woman Flor San Ignacio is so proud of having an affair with my friend’s husband… she told my friend that her husband regretted marrying her… she also informed all our friends about the affair and expecting my friend’s husband to destroy their marriage… she is a nurse and working now overseas. I think she […]

Rikka Alviot — La Union, Philippines

I am a legitimate spouse and working in a lofty organization. In my working zone unlawful undertakings resemble a typical thing. Individuals are swindling their family even their couple are with them. I chose to compose on this page since I feel frustrated about the first family in view of one of the most exceedingly […]

Cyrene Garcia — Manila, Philippines

Cyrene garcia has been having an affair with my best friends husband for over a year. This all began when he went overseas to work. She was hired to do some work on the company website but the s**t had intentions of her own. She slept with him knowing that he was married. Do not […]

Queenie Parami — Tagum, Philippines

Queenie Parami is an opportunist. She knows that our marriage is having problems. She comes in between to break our marriage. She has all been there before and during the marriage, separation and reconciliation. She just can’t leave us alone. All she cares about is money. She doesn’t care how you feel. She earns her […]

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