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Brianna Watson — Lancaster, Pennsylvania

This stupid b***h acts all happy because she stole a man away from his baby mama and had a kid by him. How embarrassing for the family to learn that he’s a drunk and a crack head who can’t keep a job and be suspected of messing with his own child. Doesn’t seem like there’s […]

Liam Brennan — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Liam came into my life 3 years ago. We worked together long hours and a friendship quickly grew between us. We had so much in common it seemed like we were soul-mates. The main problem was that he was married. Liam explained that he met a nice girl and married her despite several “red flags” […]

Serenity Claire — Corry, Pennsylvania

Even when she poke em out she ain’t got much to squeeze but Serenity Claire is a dirty b***h that will try and steal herself somebody else husband. She doesn’t want to be a w***e but she says she got bills just like everybody else does and asks the man for money. I found out […]

Mary Hall — Erie, Pennsylvania

This woman is a liar player cheater and homewrecker. This tramp is special and attracts a certain kind of cheating man – one that likes to be tied up and controlled – sometimes they move her into their house when they can’t get enough and want more! Mary owns several strap-ons and isn’t shy when […]

Heather McDaniel — Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Heather is delusional. a narcissistic liar who was institutionalized and repeatedly underwent therapy. In 2018, she pleads guilty to multiple charges of disorderly conduct and inciting violence, and has a long history of emotional abuse and disturbing, violent behavior. She cheated on her first husband and father of two kids. In her second marriage, she […]

Rebecca Magrone Blondiemotovlogs — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Rebecca Magrone aka Blondiemotovlogs Rebecca the, “last call,” floozy and scam artist is up to her scamming men in random c**k. who uses men for money and lifestyle. She cares about nothing except seeking out men to give her money and gifts and c**k. She doesn’t know them all by name but if they’re buying […]

Dave Kocher — Pennsylvania

This gross motherfuker (MY HUSBAND) gave me an std and he acts to be like a role modelhusband and a really good person and “successful” business owner but is nothing but a f*****g cheater and has cheated multiple timeson me. I originally met him through my best friend and he didn’t tell me that he […]

sick serial cheater

Bruce Brownstein is a serial cheater. He cheated throughout his entire marriage and had unprotected s*x with numerous, strange, STD ridden women. Basically, he slept with ANY woman who would sleep with him as he equated being able to get it up with his manliness. But Bruce needs his v****a!! He is incredibly insecure and […]

Diane Bandy aka diANtinatalist – McCandless, PA, USA

This child-hating, dog hoarding, adulteress is an absolute train wreck! Meet Diane Bandy who lives in the Pittsburgh area of Pennsylvania. She goes by many names, usernames, and aliases: Diane Elaine Bandy Diane Bandy-Ku Di Bandy Di Brandy Di An Brandy Childfree diANe diANtinatalist Diane is married to a doctor. While her husband is out […]

Dana Leigh — Pequea, Pennsylvania

Dana Leigh works for Younger Realty Group, She is a Realtor s**t on the lose Don’t ever let your man go alone or she will screw him. After she f****d about 60 guys and men or husbands, Dana went for the d**k and gave him std’s before he could be warned. She’ll let you bang […]

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