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Pearl Lee Gitter – Philadelphia, PA

This 70yo woman is a Financial Advisor with Janney in Philly. She is not to be trusted. Lying, deceptive, white collar thief! She will have you believe she is helping you with your retirement future but secretly she wants to take your money and make it hers! Her only goal is to make a commission […]

homewrecker whore

Loves married men. Doesn’t matter if your homeless, dying or just looking for some fun. Call her gorgeous and give her some auto parts and watch her open up her special parts. Nice rack and if you need camera talent you can find her on my space. Beware she’s as dumb as a brick and […]

Todd Warner — Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Todd Warner is married and cheats online. He has cybersex in gaming chat rooms. Maybe more. I have proof but can’t say more because I am on furlough and could lose my job if I say more. Alii can say is ask him about JACK and drifter. My dad cheated on my dear mum and […]

Doug Cain — Pennsylvania

First off let me say I knew this man was married from the start. It’s part of being a male escort. I met this man on Craig’s list. I have been a male escort in Philly for many years & had no plans on changing my career. He knew this up front. I was fine […]

Steven Mark Haffley — Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania

Steven Haffley is a disgusting, degenerate, creep! I briefly dated him. He was very abusive, very angry, and very violent. What really bothered me was when he kept hugging and flirting with my 12-year-old daughter! Then I found this: Avoid this creep!

Brianna Watson — Lancaster, Pennsylvania

This stupid b***h acts all happy because she stole a man away from his baby mama and had a kid by him. How embarrassing for the family to learn that he’s a drunk and a crack head who can’t keep a job and be suspected of messing with his own child. Doesn’t seem like there’s […]

Liam Brennan — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Liam came into my life 3 years ago. We worked together long hours and a friendship quickly grew between us. We had so much in common it seemed like we were soul-mates. The main problem was that he was married. Liam explained that he met a nice girl and married her despite several “red flags” […]

Serenity Claire — Corry, Pennsylvania

Even when she poke em out she ain’t got much to squeeze but Serenity Claire is a dirty b***h that will try and steal herself somebody else husband. She doesn’t want to be a w***e but she says she got bills just like everybody else does and asks the man for money. I found out […]

Mary Hall — Erie, Pennsylvania

This woman is a liar player cheater and homewrecker. This tramp is special and attracts a certain kind of cheating man – one that likes to be tied up and controlled – sometimes they move her into their house when they can’t get enough and want more! Mary owns several strap-ons and isn’t shy when […]

Heather McDaniel — Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Heather is delusional. a narcissistic liar who was institutionalized and repeatedly underwent therapy. In 2018, she pleads guilty to multiple charges of disorderly conduct and inciting violence, and has a long history of emotional abuse and disturbing, violent behavior. She cheated on her first husband and father of two kids. In her second marriage, she […]

Rebecca Magrone Blondiemotovlogs — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Rebecca Magrone aka Blondiemotovlogs Rebecca the, “last call,” floozy and scam artist is up to her scamming men in random c**k. who uses men for money and lifestyle. She cares about nothing except seeking out men to give her money and gifts and c**k. She doesn’t know them all by name but if they’re buying […]

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