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Kate Wigley — Oregon

A lot of people thought Kate just had a boyfriend, they didn’t know she was married and cheating, while her husband and son had no clue, sneaking around for c**k. The truth came out and her f**k buddy, Jason Stoutenburg, also married for a long time, had to explain this tramp to his wife and […]

Derek Rogero — Bend, Oregon

BIG time Psycho. Extensive criminal record! Drug addict. Three kids which he is not allowed to be around. Scam artist. Sociopath. Travels around scamming people, mostly women. Places lived. Apopka, Fl., Poinciana, Fl, Daytona Beach, Fl, Jacksonville, Fl., St. Augustine, Fl. California. Last known address as of June 2018 Bend, Oregon. Might be back in […]

Kelsie Goodenough — Dallas, Oregon

Just another homewrecker doing what she can to break up a relationship, ruin a marriage. Truth is, the relationship wasn’t that good if she can break it up, it was meant to be broken up. She’s just the tramp who got the job done, snuck around with another woman’s fiancee whenever he could get away […]

Jayde Thompson — Portland, Oregon

She had an affair with my husband for over 2 years before I finally found out. Even after we went to counseling and tried to work it out she remained in contact with him. We are now in the process of divorcing. They went to Hawaii in March and became liars and cheaters..

Jack Hammar – Glasgow, Oregon

This mans last name says it all. Jack Hammar is a cheater since he lives 2 doors away from his x-wife, has an online profile with internet sites, and is an extreme liar in every sense of the word!!! Watch out for him or you will be very sorry.

Rhienna Irene Perry – Portland, Oregon

Rhienna Irene Perry has gotta be the most ratchet girl around. By around you could free bet that it wouldn’t cost a nickel for her to suck on your pickle because she never really minds simply trading herself. This floozy is a walking disease, and just breathing the same air as her might just be […]

Brian Harris – Oregon

I met this guy off of POF a while back, he seemed to have himself together. Good job, car ect…. The more I spoke with him though and after meeting him it was clear that he was full of c**p. He still lives with his mom at 30+ but calls her his roommate, when we […]

Jeff Black — Eugene, Oregon

Jeff Black is one of the worst men I have ever met! He is a liar and serial cheater who messes with multiple women without using protection!! He constantly gets and spread STDs to people without getting treated! I met him at school and even though I didn’t want to talk to him at first […]

Victory Vivian Noller — Portland, Oregon

her dancer name i victory her real name is vivian noller this girl faked having cancer to get me back in her life and have my girlfriend dump me. she sabatoged my relationship. when we dated she was a pathological lier. she fuked dudes. she was known for hooking up in the club. / champagne […]

Mindy Teigen — Portland, Oregon

Mindy L Teigen loves to flirt and screw married men. She will pretend to be a woman’s woman, like she’s your best gal pal. Everyone around her thinks she’s super sweet. But in reality…she’s F***king your husband. Sending messages pretending to be innocent and sweet and telling him how much they are meant to be […]

Fred Allen Lang, Salem, Oregon

FRED LANG cheated with my wife and he had a 3 month affair with her. I had been friends with fred for over 30 years. I had a drinking problem that left my wife feeling unhappy with me. Fred took advantage of this and came up with a plan to try and make her his. […]

Johannah Gregg — Portland, Oregon

When nurse Johannah Gregg isn’t f*****g a married doctor, she likes to cheat with anyone who will give her the time of day. This girl has caused a couple divorces, and at least 1 suicide. She prefers married men and is DTF. She has done this across the states. Being an educated Nurse she has […]

Candice Amanda Gregory – Oregon

Candice lies cheat is a prostitute. She’s 26 years old but regularly has s*x with men almost 3 times her age both for money and for? free… She is a raging alcoholic, drinking all day every day including while she drives around Portland Oregon. She is a meth addict, a habit she supports by having […]

Robert Boots — Oregon

So to make a long story short. Robert Boots was married to my sister and fathered a child with her. They divorced when she was three years old. She is now 28 years old. He had no part in her up bringing. But has since contacted her. He has continually found every and any way […]

Mark Montoya — Portland, Oregon

Mark Cheated on his wife Carla for 2 1/2 years. He lied to both his mistress and his wife by pretending to be someone he wasn’t to both women. On 3-30-12 Mark was caught and he confessed the affair. He told his wife he wouldn’t leave his mistress and that he loved them both. He […]

Logan Vance — Eugene, Oregon

He is sick!!! disgusting. A tremendously liar. Bisexual? He likes transsexuals! watch transsexual p*********y and he is also a meth addict; therefore emotional unstable. mentally and physically abusive…I don’t want any of this happens to any girl out there be aware. He also uses his child to take advantage of people’s feelings. ( I have […]

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