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SJW Fat Overlord Chloe Elizabeth Dyer

There’s a difference between libertarians and liberals, right leaning libertarians and center left leaning libertarians this fat slob doesn’t know anything about politics voting libertarian is a wasted vote to the Republican candidate she’s mad cause she got exposed but yet still plays victimhood to get attention by her sjw snowflake followers on Facebook she […]

SJW Beach Whale Gatekeeper "Chloe Elizabeth Dyer" aka Chloe Bowie/Chloe Manson

SJW Beach Whale Gatekeeper “Chloe Elizabeth Dyer” aka Chloe Bowie/Chloe Manson she’s a fake goth but so-calls herself a third-wave feminazi and alt. πŸ˜„ when alt. stands for alternative lifestyle and she gets high off of playing professional victim on her Facebook just to get attention but yet she harasses people for having different views/political […]

Michelle Flynn β€” Huber Heights, Ohio

Michelle Flynn is a Manager atΒ Domino’s Pizza and she goes by the name of Michelle Rose. Beware of Michelle Flynn is a bad tenant. Do not rent to this woman!! She has people living there that are not on the lease. We were horrified to see the condition of the home. she is very smooth […]

Concetta Suciu β€” Vienna Center, Ohio

This girl sends x rated pictures to every guy she works with. I talking very explicitly. She is an ex-stripper who obviously misses her craft. She plays a pathetic and needy single mom with 2 kids and makes men feel sorry for her and want to help. She has no boundaries and will hook up […]

Carlos Los Jones β€” Cleveland, Ohio

He’s a Disgrace. He’s on websites like and so many others. He goes on online looking for threesomes with another woman because his kid’s mother won’t do it. He’s a disgrace and doesn’t give him your number. He will give it to another woman saying you want to do a threesome.

Isaiah Jackson β€” Springfield, Ohio

Isaiah Jackson of Springfield Ohio is the name of this misfit, pig f****r who abused this baby, in this photo. This racist, piece of s**t is a baby killer and an abuser. His mother must be proud of raising such a worthless, violent scumbag. His mother is more than likely an obese, nymphomaniac w***e with […]

Rachel Walsh

Rachel Walsh from Mason Ohio (aka Rachel Blankenship) has been cheating on her husband for years and leading a double life. Rachel is active in Cincinnati Ohio and Lexington Kentucky. Her husband and family are victims of her deceitful, unstable behavior. She intentionally ruined at least one marriage by pursuing an affair with the husband. […]

Kevin J Hammer β€” Ohio

This guy is a Piece of s**t that uses his place in the corporate ladder to promise things that will never happen to get what he wants. The lies he is capable of telling are unreal. hopefully he will get whats coming to him. Karma is a B***h

Andrea Smith β€” Forest Park, Ohio

This meth loving, home-wrecking w**** will steal your husband, shoot him up with meth and heroin and belittle him while holding him hostage like a lost dog .. this miserable winch will stop at nothing to make herself feel better. She will even hot herself and put bruises on her own body then call the […]

Sarah Barbee β€” Columbus, Ohio

Sarah Barbee,, is cheating with Dustin Doherty, They both work with me at Civil and Environmental Consultants. He is married with 3 kids. Tell her what you think of her. 614 595 2823

Homer Alexander β€” Columbus, Ohio

imagine a person who lacks empathy for others and the capacity to feel any emotion deeply. I’ve asked you to imagine a person who is plagued by restlessness and boredom and finds sole satisfaction in duping, manipulating and controlling others. A person who may simulate respect or politeness, but who fundamentally regards others with contempt, […]

Scott Stary β€” Lakewood, Ohio

All I can say is RUN!!!! This guy is a sociopath and I am not just throwing that word around. He is the most charismatic, charming, wonderful man you will ever meet, but he creates a fake personality to lure you in. Once he has you he becomes a narcissistic, unavailable, even violent b*****d. He […]

Leslie Wildes β€” Lowellville, Ohio

**Warning** This Girl is a complete nut case. What really is disturbing about it is from the exterior she appears normal and put together ( if she has not been drinking). If she does not get what she wants to expect fists to fly. she is a portly individual who will throw her weight around, […]

Gulab Tejwani β€” Ohio

Gulab Tejwani Cheated on his wife with some tramp. This guy is not a prizeman all he is concerned with his hoes and money and also his drugs and crack. When you date this young punk it’s never about both of you it’s only about him and him only. This fool even dates guys, But […]

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