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Bob Johnson — Williston, North Dakota

This guy owes OVER $48,000 in back child support. He hasn’t seen his son in almost 5yrs. He works for cash as a Carpet/Vinyl installer in an Oil Boom town Williston North Dakota where installers make OVER $200,000 a year. They have less than 1% in the unemployment rate there. He tries to say he […]

Megan Charboneau – North Dakota

She would have f****d him again but she bumped into an older lover as she came out of the restroom of the bar. This guy had actually kissed her after she f****d him, and he had a place with a bed. Car s*x is so overated. She knew his wife was probably at church or […]

Jenny Rea – Dickinson, North Dakota

One of dickinson finest police officers is a Homewrecker. She had an affair with my husband ( been together 15yrs) we have 4 kids and she new he was Married, after I found out she called me telling me how week she was and how sorry she was. A bunch of bull c**p. They both […]

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