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Ignacio Flores — Greensboro, North Carolina

Ignacio (who goes by Nas or Nic) is a textbook sociopath who wreaks havoc in vulnerable women’s lives. Using and stringing them along for months to get whatever it is he can out of them, whether it be monetarily or sexually. He knows how to get what he wants by making you believe that he […]

Carlos Bryant — North Carolina

Carlos portrays himself as a real man but that’s far from the truth. He pretends to be genuinely interested in you by telling you his colorful past and his financial challenges in hopes that you will volunteer to help him pay his bills. Carlos is a smooth-talker. His voice is so sexy that the panties […]

Sherri Poteet — Morganton, North Carolina

She tells them she sucks better if they buy her some dope. That’s how Sherri gets new customers and free pipes of meth. The nasty s**t got bruises and cuts and is nasty all around from top to bottom but she strung out and Ho-ing is her game. This woman will cheat on you. That […]

Amanda Gayle Brown

Amanda Gayle Brown is cheating raging alcoholic sociopath and a pathological liar. She’s attractive but not very smart when it comes to covering her tracks. Her v****a smells like a dead burnt fetus. She has really gross looking nipples that look like they’re about to fall off.

Vang Veny keovorabouth aka big dog aka mdv. Charlotte, Hickory, Greensboro, Atlanta, High Point, LasVegas USA

Beware of this guy, He’s a user, liar, cheater, scammer, thief, just your all-time biggest player. He may even have an std n won’t get checked. A single mom of 4 fell fir him hard, had me believing I’m his soul mate. Ha! I supported his a*s for the entire year along with my 4 […]

Sharon Reilly — Greensboro, North Carolina

Sharon conspired with her cheating lover and they both told their spouses they wanted a divorce, on the same date. They didn’t worry about the kids, they have each other and that’s all that counts with selfish people like them who can’t make their own relationships work. It’s all about s*x and feeling like a […]

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