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Kristen Fruente of Brooklyn, NY

Kristen Fruente is mentally retarded Puerto Rican trash. She weighs over 400 pounds and is stupid as f**k having never graduated high school she calls people gringos and yells at them when she doesnt get her way. GO BACK TO PUERTO RICO F*****G TRASH!!!!!!

Connie Fruente Brooklyn NY

Connie Fruente is an ape and baboon liar. She is a terrorist and just a pain in the a*s. She hails from Puerto Rico but rather than use the pea sized brain G*d gave her she follows the n****r making her a baboon and ape like all the others. She belongs in a zoo generally.

Dave Solazzo — Albany, New York

Beware, ladies! he’s fat and nasty, he constantly bothers other escorts looking to buy s*x and he wants to eat my infected pie. He did amateur p**n movies under the name Vince Peterson. This man will lie and tell you what he thinks you want to hear and then refuse to pay you after you […]

Daniel Stenson – long island

Known for many addictions. cheating is one of them. He uses social media to find his next victims. Sleeping with multiple women at once. he has no problem having unprotected s*x and forcing women to have abortions. He hits the gins he deals With too. He has a total of four children that is known […]

Shoshana Wodinsky Gizmodo G/O Media

Shoshana Wodinsky at Gizmodo has no shame and she is trying to sleep her way up the corporate ladder. She loves giving bj to men to goad confidential information out of these h***y bastards so she could publish smear articles, and Gizmodo is that perfect platform for her smear attacks. If you ever see this […]

Vildane Zeneli — Manhattan, New York

Vildane Zeneli (Zejneli) Meets old gross married men on sugar daddy sites. She gets paid to travel like a pro and is known to charge more for unprotected x*x. Wanna be “model/artist” revolves her life around the rich and famous hoping to gain her has been title back. The Dr in Albania ruined her face and […]

Kathie Lott — New York

This is Kathie Lott, also known as Kathleen Lott or Kat Lott. However, she uses the name of Dylan or mmedylan, Dylan is an escort in Phoenix AZ. I caught my husband a few months back contacting her. When was out of town my friend drove by my house and noticed a strange vehicle parked […]

Eric Zakre — New York

This guy is a serial cheater and manipulator. He’s incredibly sweet and kind until he gets you into bed and then works his life ruining magic. He has s*x with women without condoms and passes on STDs (namely Chlamydia) with no remorse. Stay far, far away.

Duane Doherty — Hawthorne, New York

Duane Doherty, dab 03/17/1976, Hawthorne, NY is a cheater, liar, and abuser. He cheated on his long term girlfriend, gave her STDs, physically, and emotionally abused her. He will lie, refuse to allow you to show up at his home, he will hide what he’s doing on his phone and social media, will hide any […]

Jade Dicesare Exposed: Hopewell Junction, NY

Trashy, racist ho has a habit of backstabbing her friends and chasing after their boyfriends behind their backs. She is also bigoted against colored people behind their backs. BEWARE!!! She pretends to be friends with people of color but says some stupid racist s*** about them, I know this because I used to be her […]

Tracy Allan — New York

This man is very dangerous. He not only cheats, but will also drain your bank account and leave you in debt. He is a compulsive liar and con-artist. He has left a wake of financially, emotionally and psychologically damaged or destroyed women in at least five different cities. He meets women on-line mostly and within […]

Tracey Harris — Bloomingburg, New York

Tracey harris is a con artist! Google her name for Bloomingburg ny and watch her article and mug shot come up with her nasty druggie boyfriend at the time. They robbed people and sold drugs. She’s f*****g and sucking everyone for heroin. She worries more about her men than her own daughter. She lost custody […]

Antwan Coker — Syracuse, New York

Dead beat father of the year. Tia. Keep my name out of your s*** mouth and find your real baby daddy. Sleeping around with everyone else isn’t the solution. You look stupid. Antwan sleeps around while his baby mothers take care of his children. Antwan has no money. He sells drugs. He’s always at the […]

Julian Dufour of NY

I used to be his friend, but not anymore, he is a fake , likes to reveal his friends secrets to other people, basically lying about promising us that he won’t tell anyone, but he has. He really is a scumbag. He goes after guys who are already taken (he’s done that to me, basically […]

Jade and Brandi DiCesare of Hopewell Junction, NY

Stupid twin whores who likes to sleep around with their friends’ boyfriends. Beware, they are very catty and like to stir drama. It’s funny how Jade is a pre school teacher, yet she makes fun of Hispanics and Asians behind their backs. She has done that to me behind my back (I’m Puerto Rican) and […]

Ivan Martinez — Jackson Heights, New York

One of the biggest cheaters I have ever met. Don’t fall for his charming talk, ladies. He keeps in contact with all his ex-girlfriends and He still likes to sleep with them when he’s bored with you. If you think you’re the only girl he’s talking to, you’re not. Plus he’s short as f**k, of […]

Daniella Greenbaum Davis — New York

I met her in high school, she was such a sweet girl she was always shy and funny so i made her mines. she was loyal for about 5 years of us being together but one day i just started noticing s**t falling apart our relationship. our s*x life she stopped wanting to have s*x […]

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