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David Sussman — New York

This is a response to that completely idiotic and false profile of David Sussman of the band Bile. I happen to be a very old friend of his, as well as an ex-girlfriend. I knew him through his years in his band and I can honestly conclude that whoever wrote those words has not ever […]

Mark Blagrove — New York, New York

Pedophile Mark Blagrove – HIV positive Jamaican drug dealer and serial child rapist in the New York area. BEWARE!!! NY PMP Hofstra Lectra. This is to inform people out there about convicted pedophile Mark Blagrove. Mark Blagrove has drugged and raped many women (many underage girls and boys under 9 years of age) but they […]

Christie L. Murphy — Staten Island, New York

She lives in Staten Island, New York but she currently is going from town to town because she burns through all the men. This b***h is also a street w***e who knows how to con you. When you get close to her you will find out that she has been riding hard and put away […]

William Clooney — Albany, New York

42-year-old Principal knocks up a 22-year-old girlfriend. Cheats on her the entire relationship AND pregnancy. Serial cheater. He is a self-serving, egotistical and manipulative creature. He has no integrity, morals or values. Every word out of his mouth is a lie. He cannot be trusted. He is an embarrassment to his profession. Our children are […]

Gabriella Bianco — New York

Gabriella L Bianco cheated on me and her 3 other exes I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s cheating on her current bf to she’s a liar sneaky and unfaithful. While I dated her she was messaging other guys, meeting up with them and doing oral and was in her ex-bf bed who she cheated on […]

George Popescu — New York

Where do I even start that the fact that this hairy a*****e little d**k mother f****r cheated on me with a man that lives next door? He did not tell me that he was gay. A few times I caught him fingering my dog b**t. He says there is nothing wrong with that, it makes […]

Nyema Knight — New York

This walKing std p***y is liKe the Holland Tunnel everybody gets thru but you pay a tow. She’s old and men want fresh young p***y, My guy said she tells everyone she gives the best blow Jon, he said she was good but had much better

Heidi Shull — New York

Once w***e things don’t usually change, and Heidi has a thing for f*****g married men. Some pay better than others and she seems emotionless while going for their wallets. She ended up trying to get pregnant but wasn’t for sure if she could get pregnant. It was a man that was married and they ended […]

Jason Brodfuehrer — Canastota, New York

Stay away from this dude!!! He lies about his age, manipulates women a gets pregnant then leaves them for someone even younger! He sends dirty pics to random girls he meets online and tells them to send him nudes. A girl is pregnant now with his child and he denies it’s his. He’s married now […]

John Benjamin Wender — New York City, New York

John Wender, John Benjamin Wender, John B Wender is an architect in New York City. John cannot help himself. He will lie without any sense of remorse. He will sleep with multiple women without protection. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT have s*x with this man without protection. Although the things were written about him […]

Emma R. Darby — Rochester, New York

It all started in 2014 when I was in summer school. I was 14 years old, and I met this 17-year-old girl in the computer lab at my school. We typed to each other and eventually started texting each other. She was socially awkward, and I thought it was because she was different. I was […]

Lynn Ogden — Queensbury, New York

Lynn Ogden was a side s**t for 6 years to her old friends and knew about his wife and kids. She threatens to get him arrested if he didn’t stay near her and give her what belonged to his wife. She’s a nasty dirty s**t with no feelings for other people and was the whole […]

Tina Newman — New York, New York

Say hi to Tina Newman, a really nasty lady who doesn’t mind sleeping with another girls’ man. H**l, she doesn’t even think there’s anything wrong with being a s**t as long as she’s getting poked by someone. Lying and sneaking around have worked wonders for her s*x life, other girls’ boyfriends and husbands are part […]

Sexual Offender and Pedophile Alex Syrov aka Aleksey Syrovatchenko owner of Removal

S*x Predator and Child Rapist Pedophile Alex Syrov aka. Aleksey Syrovatchenko is the owner of Removal Remove in NY New York EXPOSED!!! S*x Predator and Serial Rapist Alex Syrov aka Aleksey Syrovatchenko owner of Removal Extortion Blackmail Schemes in New York, NY Serial Sexual Predator and Child Rapist Balding Hair Losing Pedophile Alex […]

Tracy Clancy SapientNitro New York Cougar Predator Recruiter Digitas Verizon New York NY WebActivism

Tracy Clancy in New York is in 68 years old yet she poses herself off as being “a petite” in her “early 40s” on dating apps such as Tinder. oh, puhleeese! Tracy Clancy is anything but a slim and slender thin woman, lol. Tracy Clancy is old enough to be my grandma yet she routinely […]

Andre Bowes — Rome, New York

SHOTYMNE is a woman-beating lying piece of scum. He will make u believe he is an honest caring funny decent person who was just handed a raw deal in life but it isn’t true. He deserves all the problems and jail time he has ever had and will have in the future. He has at […]

Daniel Minton Jr – Syracuse, New York

Dan Minton Jr suffers from a narcissistic personality disorder. He is the cause of his own problems in many areas of his life, such as relationships, work, school or financial affairs. Dan is also a women beater. He is generally unhappy and disappointed when he’s not given the special favors or admiration he believes he […]

Karen Conway New Jersey New York City STD Carrier

Vile, fat, fake blond bimbo. Her soul is even uglier than her face. You can smell her filthy t**t from a mile away, she needs to learn how to use deodorant and douche. She is a drunk and a drug addict who spreads various venereal diseases including herpes. When she has been drinking she will […]

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