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267-756-0317 BB freak!

267-756-0317 BB freak! He loves to call and talk about his bareback fantasies… but he won’t close the deal, he’ll ask for more pics and even if you tell him you have 10″ he’ll tell you he wants something bigger. He also allegedly hosts in Trenton but I wouldn’t be sure about it. Stay away […]

Pathy Val'le ly

Pathy Val’le ly ia a manipulative 25 year old who works at gilead sciences. she had a affair involvin g a amrried man almost 20 years her senior. Pathy states that the affair involved oral s*x performed in the backseat of the mans car in the parking lot of Gilead science. Pathy is a professed […]

Joshua Kyan Aalampour- Lying Monster

Joshua Kyan Aalampour was born August 20th, 2001, in Morristown New Jersey. He is a liar, a manipulator, a predator, an abuser, but most of all he is a danger. Ever since his early teen years he has done vile, evil things to women and young girls who he manipulates through his countless lies. At […]

Biurny Peguero Gonzalez — New Jersey

Biurny Peguero Gonzalez is the worst kind of lying trash. Her lies led an innocent man to serve four years in jail from his 20-year sentence. Her victim was sentenced to 20 years for raping her. The only problem is that he didn’t do it and now, she admits she lied about it so her […]

Seth Hustek — New Jersey

The kings of all liar and a true cheater a******. this 39 yrs old private chief pilot is a true player that dates multiple women in Denver, North New Jersey, Boston, Coral Springs, and Los Angeles. He uses klk uses the following

Andrew Borbotko — Cliffside Park, New Jersey

Andrew has been running from his obligation since 1999 I have an active judgement for over $10k in NJ with all bank accounts levied. Problem is, is Andrew doesn’t put any money in his name do to the fact! He is a VERY sneaky and shady man business-wise as well he and his mother run […]

Dana Pineiro — Metuchen, New Jersey

Say hello to Dana Pineiro, she likes to f**k co-workers and wants a male role model for her unborn child. She lives with a butch girl who plays daddy to her other kid but Dana is now looking for a real d**k. She seduced a guy from work, a married man she used to get […]

Kimberly Brown — Allentown, New Jersey

This is a wild one right here. Thought she was safe because she looks innocent then I wake up to her breaking into my house in the middle of the night going through my kitchen drawers needless to say this crack head stole all of my silver spoons out of my house over the course […]

Karen Conway New Jersey New York City STD Carrier

Vile, fat, fake blond bimbo. Her soul is even uglier than her face. You can smell her filthy t**t from a mile away, she needs to learn how to use deodorant and douche. She is a drunk and a drug addict who spreads various venereal diseases including herpes. When she has been drinking she will […]

Katrina Kuhn — Piscataway, New Jersey

When she’s not choking on a c**k, Katrina Kuhn is posing, luring her next guy to shove something in her face. Other girls are jealous, call her a slutty, but Katrina gets the goop and her friends have temporaily lost their man to her wanton ways. She puts it all out there, and the cheating […]

Keir Clifton Simon — Newark, New Jersey

This deadbeat has 6 children by 4 different women and has custody of none, Occasionally goes month without supporting his children. is in arrears for $6800 for his disabled son and refuses to take overnight visitation for his young children. Yet he smokes and drinks and lives a great life every day.

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