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Lawrence Trask — Conway, New Hampshire

Alcoholic with the peter-pan syndrome. Has 2 children he has abused, alienated and abandoned, and now has a welfare mom of two knocked up with his 3rd. He is so deluded he believes his own lies, and can” accept that he may be a sperm donor, but is in no way a father or ‘dad’.

Wendy Walter — Brookline, New Hampshire

She helped herself during what should have been a professional meeting, Wendy Walter cheated with my friends husband John Mckenzie of Brookline Nh Started with an affair and the two dirties didn’t care! Right down the same street they did there act. This woman is clearly selfish and looked to get what she needs should […]

John Mckenzie

cheated on his wife for years and lied about it for more than 8 years then went to a woman his wife sent him to for a past life regression and started an affair with Wendy Walters 3 mins from their Horne. Then she walked out while she was in the shower and never came […]

Katie Paine — Durham, New Hampshire

This is a man-meat thief who will f**k a man just to give him HIV and steal another woman’s fun. She knew he was married and expecting another child when she moved in for the thrill of getting some married c**k. Katie Delahaye Paine of Paine Publishing is HIV positive and fails to disclose this […]

Hansl Eric Mims — Manchester, New Hampshire

He denies his six year old daughter. Fat a*s and his fat a*s gf tell everyone my daughter isn’t his. He’s a sperm donor hasn’t paid ever. He loves jail w the boys and soap. The 130 pounds I lost he gained. It’s karma. He takes care of a kid that’s not even his! He […]

Kira Pearson — Bethlehem, New Hampshire

New Hampshire cheaters all know the smelly s****h of, Kira Pearson. She’s been with so many dicks for her addiction that you might say she’s a total tramp. She takes a dicking and keeps on tricking, she has to, until the day she od’s. Many wives and girlfriends know just how rotten she is, they […]

Elizabeth S Prindiville – Manchester, New Hampshire

Her name is Elizabeth S Prindiville and She’s a Home wrecker. I have met Elizabeth Prindiville last February. She and my boyfriend are co workers. She’s 26, and He’s 47. We were hanging out local restaurant and bar hopping in around Manchester, NH. She was with fiancé and I was with my long term boyfriend […]

Art Napolitano — Laconia, New Hampshire

Art Napolitano is a sexual predator and he goes to massage parlors and pays strippers for s*x. He gets young women drunk then takes advantage of them. Art also molested his sister and raped his step sister. Narcissistic personality disorder and psychopath! Please be aware of this creepy sexual predator and pathetic man. He has […]

Donna Irving – Bristol, New Hampshire

This chick is a total homewrecker. She lures men in by telling them that she looks 20 years younger than she really is. All of the men she jacks with are desperate men who come from bad relationships or broken marriages. This schitzo b***h claims to own a Learjet and yet can’t afford to keep […]

Maureen Roddy — New Hampshire

This girl is straight trash and has cheated on every guy she’s ever been with. She finds a replacement before she breaks up with you. She does percs and drinks like it’s her job. She will use until you have nothing left. She took my buddy for thousands. I’m suppose to be her friend but […]

Matthew Picard — Hampton, New Hampshire

Matty is always itching himself and he used to believe it was from when he was locked up with those nasty boys. He has been with some nasty girls who he tells he can tattoo old skool. he gets the money first, buys party s**t and gets them f****d up. When they wake up it’s […]

Jeffery Seymour — Laconia, New Hampshire

This a*****e finds joy in abusing women and children. He is a narcissist, liar, cheater, control freak. He enjoys watching p**n. He uses the church as an excuse for all the messed up things he does. He also runs a very shady heating business in which he manipulates his customers into paying more than they […]

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