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Jason Warren — Sedalia, Missouri

Jason Warren of Sedalia, Missouri is a male w***e and his girl loves him, she takes him back no matter how many times he cheats and feels lucky to have her hotdog back home. She’s never caught a disease and gets his hot dog when he says she can have it, when he’s done sticking […]

MiKayla Patrice — Lees Summit, Missouri

MiKayla Patrice has low self esteem and likes cheating with a married man who sexually humiliates her when they’re together, usually drunk benders where they meet up for a romp in the urine stream and then return to their spouses. Both of them have understanding mates who take them back over and over, the crocodile […]

Ricky L Manring — Missouri

He’s a deceitful crater faced stinky emotional Looser of all times. He’s homeless and will use that to his benefit. He will tell you he owns his own business and how much earnings he is expecting to make over the next few weeks and how life would be so good for you and him He […]

Rachel Whitehead — Seneca, Missouri

Rachel Whitehead was missing in action for awhile, got hemmed up with a couple of cheaters who were fighting over her s***k a*s, like they were trying to win a cheap carnival prize. It looks like she had some more work done, still trying to get it right, still trying to appeal to a sugar […]

Sam Headrick — St. Louis, Missouri

Sam Headrick likes to tell everyone how cute she is but can’t get a single guy to agree or ask her out. So she flirts with her friends’ guys and tries to steal attention and hickies from cheaters. If she shares the drugs or they share the drugs, things happen and she gets put on […]

Stacy Gaston

This is Stacy she likes to write threats “you’ll regret it if you keep talking about me” Come at us cuz we all have heard your bff Andrea talk about you and your w***e Rachel lol

Stacy Gaston

This is Stacy. Yes Stacy Andrea told us all about you and how your baby daddy died and now you’re in a red roof inn or living with your boyfriend whose old enough to be your dad and your 14 year old Rachel runs away all the time, is bipolar and has pregnancy scares all […]

Cheyenne Brewer – Nevada, Missouri

Cheyenne Brewer is now crouching for the cheaters in Missouri. She gets on her knees and poses for desperate, h***y men, who actually pay her to be their c*m pig. Wives have offered up photos and emails if you don’t believe that any w***e can find someone who finds them attractive, especially if you dont […]

Coward ass bitch

If you have something to say to people ANDREA get your f****s an uber and come call people baby killers to their faces and call people molestors too. Dumbass. Scary c**t.

Never fear Andrea Poe is here!

Loving the hair style…but don’t worry Andrea will just cut pieces off. Cuz that’s how you take care of mixed hair right? Ask your friends from the shelter..oh wait they are poor too. So poor they can’t even afford their own pacifiers for their kids so you steal your grandkids. Hehe.

Andrea Poe Breckenridge Hills, MO

Andrea wants to play games with people and her own grandchildren but she forgets she is the lousiest f****s anyone knows. Her own friends brought up her at the time 9 year old watching p**n and she just said she can watch what she wants. Lack of parenting. Anyone want to chit chat with Andrea […]

Angelica Poe-Clark of Breckenridge Hills

This girl needs to shower! Her leg hair is so long you could braid it. Unfortunately her mother never taught her good hygiene so she walks around with stains on her b**t like her dad. Disgusting. She enjoys talking to random men and women on the internet and having no friends in real life because […]

Stacy Gaston

Stacy likes to talk s**t about people with her little friend yet her little friend likes to spread business like Shauniece having an abortion. Her buddy tells everyone that Stacy’ s daughter Rachel is basically a w***e who sleeps with new men every other week and Stacy can’t keep her legs shut either so according […]

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