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Robert Scott Smith — Stockton, Missouri

He’s a pathological liar a narcissistic sociopath he ruined my life..he likes to watch teen p**n and is a needle banging dopehead…he has three sons he never talks to has basically forgotten they exist he is abusive both physically and mentally at first he will be sweet make you feel like he’s genuine and you […]

Randy Dean Stone JR — Missouri

He is a Narcissistic Sociopath. He wears a mask and pretends to be an amazing guy. It’s all an act. He is a monster that pretends to be charming, funny and has high morals. But its all a lie. He uses women and cons them to get what he wants. The mask will only come […]

Blane Plaster Sr — St. Louis, Missouri

lies constantly about anything and everything. Cheats on every single woman he’s had a relationship with. Never accepts responsibility for anything. Caught another woman in his bed. He’s cheating on his current “girlfriend” too. He is truly a piece of garbage-completely worthless!

Allie Schnieders — Wardsville, Missouri

This woman right here man let me tell you, my dude, she was tweaking with she f****d over me and I be the one here for her through everything giving her money feeding her taking her on vacations everything treating her right staying loyal all that and she f****d me over badly. I mean badly […]

Damir Hasanovic — Saint Louis, Missouri

He’s a liar and a cheater. He says he’s been separated for 5 yrs and that he hasn’t gotten a divorce because he needs to use her insurance and he works independently. The truth is the wife still lives with him and has at least one ex parte order against her. Save your peace of […]

Lindsey Bain — Elkland, Missouri

This female here is something else. She seems very interested in finding someone to be with whether you have a girlfriend or wife, or not. She wants to change someone’s life for the better, but if you just want some head, it’s mediocre but free, she’ll do that for you no strings attached. Has to […]

David Wojcicki — St. Louis, Missouri

Likes to flirt and lead you on when in fact he lives with me and have been in a relationship for the past 5 years. Trouble is he doesn’t cover his tracts very well. Just posting this as a FYI. I could talk smack but that isn’t going to change him. He has me to […]

Lacey Gold Baker — Nixa, Missouri

Lying and flashiing her t**s got Lacey Gold Baker the attention she was seeking from a married man who cheated on his wife to be with her. It wasn’t easy, but he finally got a hard-on for her skanky a*s when she let him get an eyeful and promised sexual favors he couldn’t get from […]

Amanda Fay — St. Louis, Missouri

She completely and horribly messed me over and every man that she’s with she hurts all the way from cheating on her ex-husband for 25 years straight cheating on her second husband to cheating on me she can’t be faithful to anybody and it will always be your downfall but it destroyed me just like […]

Johna Poe — Pevely, Missouri

This is Johna Poe and she sure is penguin (Poe’s Penguins). She waddles like one atleast. Just look at her shirt F is for F****D UP which is what she is. She couldn’t keep her legs shut so she got knocked up by some random man and her husband Kevin Poe raised the little b*****d […]

Kevin Poe — Pevely, Missouri

This is Johna Poe. She is by far the nastiest, saggiest t*t broad in Pevely. Her husband is so oblivious that she’s trash that they bend together and bully people on the internet and then pretend how in love they are when everyone knows their youngest daughter isn’t even her husbands kid but they brush […]

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