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Tascha Dienhart Gordon – Meridian, Mississippi

Tascha Dienhart Gordon 38 year old female married for 17 years from MERIDIAN MS has had approximately 12-20 Explicit affairs, from married men, to her bosses husband at work right under bosses nose, to random meth heads, homeless drug addicts, and even her husband of 17 years best friend. She’s stopped as low as having […]

Heather Robinson — Ellisville, Mississippi

Heather Robinson will cheat on you, she wasn’t getting tipped out like she thought she should be as a server, busting her a*s for next to nothing. She bought a strange man and borrowed some heels and a pair of matching undies from her girlfriend, for the next helping of her career. She may have […]

William Jamario Mobley — Starkville, Mississippi

Has only seen his child once. He has stolen over 3,000 dollars of my money, but has never paid one month of child support. He is still married because he refuses to sign the divorce paper and in another relationship. I don’t understand how he spends money on her and not his son and he […]

Martin Flurry — Mississippi

I was with martin for 9 years. Martin is a tragedy that happened to this world. He cheated on me plenty of times notably taking his younger girlfriend to Netherlands. I went through his phone after I saw his picture with “cheater” written all over Facebook and I found the cold hard facts. He was indeed […]

Jones Coby — Tupelo, Mississippi

Jones Coby or, low down, as his enemies call him, is a user of women. He fronts and lies, cheats and leaves. He’s only sticking around for a little while if they let him use their car and debit card and a place to lay his head when he’s not out looking for a woman […]

Catherine Mora-Ruiz — Jackson, Mississippi

Catherine likes baby daddys but not babies. She’s a homey hopper who just likes experiencing the thrill of practice runs with deadbeats. She doesn’t care except for the fact that these lame-a*s cheaters are always trying to borrow money from her, and she’s stuck like chuck, doesn’t work and was hoping to get a few […]

Chris Clinton — Mississippi

All the lying and sneaking around worked for awhile. Chris had his wife thinking he was a good man, solid, upstanding. He worked with a floozy and couldn’t resist sticking his d**k in someone he had no business f*****g, she was married. It somehow escaped his attention. Now, he’s reminded of his infidelity with his […]

John Kersh — Jackson, Mississippi

closet queer fat ugly and stupid not much chance of him dating if he hits on you run don’t walk away browses men on dating sites loves to cross dress describes his gender as any,has no job no license a drunk f*g who will take anything he can get a thief son of a violent […]

Tiffany Daniel Childers

This woman was married to a man for over 10 years when she met and began working with a man named Jonathan Shavers who was himself, married. So when Jonathan’s car quit running she offered her services for getting him back and forth to work. Those weren’t the only services she offered. They began sleeping […]

Johnell Raly — Ocean Springs, Mississippi

She was giving head to the local meth cook Tristan for her dope. When her boyfriends new girlfriend busted her, and she called the cops trying to say the new girlfriend forced her, but the cameras showed a different story. She even got her f**k buddy away from his new girl, what a f**king moron. […]

Jerry Smith – Mississippi

Jerry Smith of Tupelo Mississippi entered into a relationship with me under false pretenses said he was single met online on tagged he chased me a whole year till March 2016 we got together and found out September 2016 he has other Women he is sleeping with unprotected s*x and he is on all dating […]

Tommie Myles — Mississippi

This man has been cheating on me for 3 yrs. Told me he wanted a baby w/me. He has a tattoo w/my initials on it. It made me look like a fool around his family and child. I just got off the phone w/Shalonda the young lady he cheated on me with. She admitted they […]

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