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Jhonatan Terceros Cayoja STD Married Guy

Jhonatan Terceros Cayoja is married Hawra Mahfood. They live in Apple Valley. Jhonatan has a tattoo on his arm that says “Hawra” he will tell any women that it is his family members name. You can find Jhonatan on dating apps, Cow boy jacks in Bloomington playing pool and in downtown bars such as Brothers […]

Dale Louis — Columbia Heights, Minnesota

He spent years with me abusing me. I get the courage to actually leave him and then he starts trying to play the good husband. He likes child p**n and has molested our two daughters. He dates underage girls. I do mean under age the girl that called me to tell me to stay away […]

Christine Goatley — Coon Rapids, Minnesota

This is my Fiancés ex-wife. The woman totally lost her frikkin mind. She still hasn’t accepted the divorce. She actually told me that I am living in a house that was supposed to be hers. I am living the marriage that is supposed to be hers. I was pregnant with twins and you guessed it, […]

Mike Van Reese — Cloquet, Minnesota

He is so secretive about his life. He won’t let you go visit him in his city. He is so afraid that you will run into his family members. He has so much to hide. He is a womanizer. He used women for s*x only. When he gets bored and tired of you he will […]

Courtney Gabrio — Brainerd, Minnesota

Watch out for this ratchet a*s nasty b***h. She f*****g my husband when my baby was only 6 months old. She’ll spread her legs for anyone ladies so you better hide your husbands! She doesn’t even have any of her kids because she’s a s****y basic a*s mom and can’t get her life together. She […]

Alexis Miller — Sartell, Minnesota

She say she a virgin but likes d**k, that’s her meat of choice! Cheaters are cool too, she like all kinds of d**k. She make a plan to steal a man from another woman and don’t care about the ex and kid struggling to get by without the daddy around. She don’t like kids but […]

Meng Lee — Saint Paul, Minnesota

Kissing cousins is as old as the hills, Jerry Lee played piano for his cousin and eventually married her familiar face. Meng Lee likes his cousin and kisses on Yuna when ever he can, they’re just keeping things in the family, which seems to be a rather hot, if not taboo, subject in the latest […]

Jori Spohr — Edina, Minnesota

Selling a house is best job for Jori Spohr. She f***s married men when she shows the home if the men wife are not with them, then she takes over and has s*x with all of them. This get her sales fast and easy. All she had to do was strip and beg a little […]

Carol Ann King — Duluth, Minnesota

50 year old native american. Works at the local casino here in town. Keep an eye out for your husband because even though she says she doesn’t f**k around with married men she will get on her knees and get f****d like the dog she is. So guys and ladies watch out!! Even if she […]

Nick Herrera — Saint Paul, Minnesota

Nick Herrera got involved with Gabe Street, ended up joining him in a threesome which put the damper on a planned wedding with Gabe and his partner. The threesome was so good that he caught feelings and so did Gabe, who didn’t consider it cheating because he wasn’t married, yet. No word about whether or […]

April Mclaury Laurent — Minnesota

April Mclaury Laurent takes down marriages when she cheats with St. Cloud Hospital employees and co-workers. Jamie Power was tapping April’s assets, until she up-traded for a man with a bigger piece of wood. She also likes to go after the fathers and brothers of her daughters’ friends. Anyone to pass time with, cheat and […]

Teal Rose LaMusga — Minnesota

F**k with her pill high and, Teal will will cuss you up and down, have you running from a small knife she uses to cut a muthafucker with. Her eyes are barely open but her mouth is always cussing or sucking for more pills. She’s got dope courage and, has forced more than one smaller […]

Lindsay Miles — Minnesota

Lindsey Miles has been ridden hard and still travels to put out for new c**k. She got dumped by her ex who wouldn’t put up with her cheating ways. She moved to Minnesota to be with her cheater and to continue shlepping houses for a living. She’s tempted to close every deal with s*x, she’s […]

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