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Rocio Sániba, pinche morra inmadura y pendejita

Perra Rocio Sániba me engaño durante muchos años. Las putas pueden tener dos relaciones al mismo tiempo. Ahora, tiene otro amante en Álvaro Obregón pero no ama a Bernardo Huato. Solo quiere su dinero. En realidad, es una relación por sexo, ocio, sin amor, llena de mentiras. Rocio no es un ángel. Es manipuladora, tiene […]

Caitlin Mitchell

Caitlin Mitchell is a Mexican piece of s**t just like her leader Elizabeth Warren who advocates for the violent overthrow of the US Constitution in favor of Mexican illegals. Her pro illegal immigrant stance has attracted a ton of support from AOC…for her competitor Bernie Sanders and she will use this force to catipult her […]

Do NOT be Fooled by José Reyes Flores

José Reyes Flores First let me say that I’m not reporting my ex because I’m hurt or angry (even though I am). I’m reporting him because I never want another woman to be so hurt and taken advantage of as I was. You see, his adult children tell me that this has been his lifelong […]

Sergio Domínguez – Sonora, Mexico

Be careful with this man who cheats on his family and wife and sends photos that nobody wants to see but I upload them so they can see that I’m not lying. He wants only one thing and it’s s*x with women smaller than him, he says he buys you what you want and then […]

David Christopher Balderas Silva — Mexico City

My friend committed suicide because of this puto David Christopher Balderas Silva! She met this b*****d online in 2013. They communicated every day and grew close, eventually became a confidante. That b*****d promised so many things to my friend, assured her that he will accept her, and as naive she was, she held on to […]

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