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Laurel Stanislas — Springfield, Massachusetts

If your boyfriend lying about his extra friendly “friend” isn’t bad enough, she’ll also lie for him while she’s laying with him! Some s***k looking for attention and she doesn’t care who it’s from. If she’s friends with your man ladies you need to do some investigating…😒 she thinks she a goddess and claims to […]

Damien Trites — Massachusetts

Damien Trites is one sick piece of s*** of have known this s*** bag a good 20 years. I had no idea he was a pedophile. I would attribute this to a mental illness. I know when he was a kid he spent a year in juvenile detention from what I understand he was property […]

Jamie Rodriguez — Malden, Massachusetts

This is a married loser with kids,who met my sister in Chelsea,near his work@produce plant (also hooker central)is a greasy player.He gave my sister the separated song&dance;,he is in fact married to a beast fom Malden.He used my sister..did some checking on him/multiple cheater,loser from Charlestown,hits on mothers at his kids schools,etc.I am biding my time to […]

Catalina Melo — Boston, Massachusetts

This woman is a manipulator and has zero morals. She admits to not caring about people and even as a psychiatrist she has many sites with sexually explicit photos of herself. She likes to have power over others. She has an affectation of accent and pretends to be shy and European. She is from Columbia […]

Angel Benson — Wellesley, Massachusetts

she is a complete cheat who works for the “Thurston county narcotics task force” because she doesn’t want to go to jail when she gets in trouble! so. she sets up her so-called friends and sends them to prison for yrs, and after she does her controlled buys, she hangs out with them and does […]

Eddie Kalil — Malden, Massachusetts

Where do I begin? When I first met him he claimed to be a professional poker player owning homes in Boston, New York, and LA. I later found out he owned nothing. No homes, infact he still lives with his parents. He has no car, infact he doesn’t even have a drivers license. He had […]

Bruce Alan Coane — Boston, Massachusetts

Most of his family lives in the Boston areas, but he does have family in the Philly area. DO NOT TRUST HIM. He is bi-polar, has MAJOR anger management issues, and mental and physical abuse problems. He says he doesn’t want me but constantly texts me asking where I am and who I’m with. I […]

Crystal Choruzek — Worcester, Massachusetts

This s**t has cheated 9 times since together. I came home busted her in bed with 3 guys running train on her. She also smoked crack while pregnant. Now abuses and neglects both daughters physically, verbally, mentally, emotionally, etc. Mentally and economically unstable .. Cannot provide for children and fails to make an effort in […]

Tiffany Marie West — Saugus, Massachusetts

This girl is a f*****g s**t. She will let anybody and everybody dump in her. She has the nerve to try to steal your man with her fat a*s. She’s a disgusting pig! She’s literally balding! What in the h**l! She swears she’s the shot. But has been run through. She told a friend that […]

Sean James McKeon — Westfield, Massachusetts

He is a constant cheater, liar, diseased, lives with mom in Foxboro, over 50k in credit card debt, will f**k anything and lie, continue relationships with ex while she thinks they are still dating, abandon you in foreign places, plan to live with you and back out at the last minute so you are f****d. […]

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