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Crystal Choruzek — Worcester, Massachusetts

This s**t has cheated 9 times since together. I came home busted her in bed with 3 guys running train on her. She also smoked crack while pregnant. Now abuses and neglects both daughters physically, verbally, mentally, emotionally, etc. Mentally and economically unstable .. Cannot provide for children and fails to make an effort in […]

Tiffany Marie West — Saugus, Massachusetts

This girl is a f*****g s**t. She will let anybody and everybody dump in her. She has the nerve to try to steal your man with her fat a*s. She’s a disgusting pig! She’s literally balding! What in the h**l! She swears she’s the shot. But has been run through. She told a friend that […]

Sean James McKeon — Westfield, Massachusetts

He is a constant cheater, liar, diseased, lives with mom in Foxboro, over 50k in credit card debt, will f**k anything and lie, continue relationships with ex while she thinks they are still dating, abandon you in foreign places, plan to live with you and back out at the last minute so you are f****d. […]

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