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Zachary Coleman ? 240-640-6271

240-640-6271 He texted my a*s off… made plans, changed his mind, postponed… changed his mind, etc. Such a tease! On both occasions he told me it was going to be his first time hiring a male escort. Don’t trust him!

Joshua Dane Pearl

This little d**k b*****d talk s*** all around town about me after I had the good grace to f*** him. He couldn’t get it up on most occasions which he blamed on his medications the really he’s just a limp d**k piece of s***. He f***** me over and every possible way and spread lies […]

Jenna May

The most atrociously awful backwards human being ever. I mean that literally her heart is on the wrong side as well as her liver. She lied cheated and stole from an entire state and then fled the scene and blamed it all on others including myself leaving them smeared with s*** for life. A life-long […]

Pete Smith

This pedo had s*x with my little sister while we were dating. He’s almost 40 and when we were dating I was 23, my sister was 16. He talks down to you and will generally make you feel like s*** about yourself so that you will be hesitant to call him out. Come to find […]

Sarah Anne Copeland

If you have ever run into this b***h, don’t trust her. She will try to fool you into thinking that she is above board, meanwhile she will milk you for all you are worth and then discard you like a used condom. We were together for a year and come to find out now not […]

Karli Hanna — Maryland

Karli Hanna (nurse in Washington D.C.) cheated on her husband after a couple of months. Don’t know all the information because she lies about it but beware because she seems nice and bubbly but she’s heartless and tries to pretend it never happened and the separation was ammicable.

Meagan Murphy — White Hall, Baltimore County, Maryland

Meagan Murphy is every human being’s WORST nightmare. She is not only a habitual liar, she is also a thief and addicted to heroin and crack cocaine. She lies so frequently that her own family wants nothing to do with her. She currently works at a gas station in Beaufort South Carolina. She’s 28, however, […]

Pat Harcourt — Baltimore, Maryland

This filthy pig f****d her brother AND his dog. As a result, she and the dog BOTH died of cancer, but Fucko still lives. He keeps her body in a van and has relocated to Jacksonville, Florida. I may decide to add a phone number later.

Robert Day, Jr — Columbia, Maryland

This business executive quit his job making over S400k a year so he would not have to pay child support. He was an adulterer during his marriage and said he would devastate me if I ever left him. He pulled his extremely gifted daughter out of her elite private school and refused to pay for […]

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