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This s**t has to have everyone she meets to fall in love with her. She befriended the guy in the long hair in the photo and began what she called a “platonic” relationship. This guy is my best friend and when he moved up there, these were the first friends he made. My friend started […]

Kelly McCosh, PA…Anything But Professional!

Don’t let her fool you…she’s a desperate slore who sleeps with anyone including men with families! She actually thought she had a “real” relationship with my friend’s husband! Ha! Like he would ever leave his family for a desperate psychotic piece of trash! How’d sleeping with someone else’s husband work out for you? You reap […]

Ericka Travers — Bangor, Maine

Former IV drug user with several drug charges and convictions (heroin). Professional adult entertainer and escort who tricked a man into getting her pregnant to escape a 12 year prison sentence for drug distribution which she’s currently still on probation for. Has managed to stay working in these types of establishments even though against her […]

Ericka Travers — Bangor, Maine

Adult entertainer who lied repeatedly about her escorting on the side. Past riddled with IV drug use, rehab, and a lengthy police record from dealing drugs. Tricked boyfriend into pregnancy to avoid a 12 year prison sentence. Still on felony probation for this conviction. When finally got a real job had an affair with her […]

Shawn Gendreau, wants to be a famous sissy

This little b***h is a f*****g joke. If you let him out of the house he will literally open up any hole to slurp up any d**k he can find. Not sure how many STDs he has contracted considering he has no standards to the type of person he will f**k.He lives in Presque Isle […]

Andrew Ryan Larson — Saco, Maine

Has 2 children that he refuses to take care of but has no issue taking care of his new girlfriends daughter. Went to ” visit” his kids but the whole 2 weeks he was there he saw them 3 times totaling a full 3 hours. Likes to beat on women and children. Also, likes to […]

Oracle’s Dan Koloski Expenses Escorts On The Company Account

Dan Koloski of Oracle loves hookers! Dan Koloski of Oracle in Portland, Maine is the grand marshal of deranged perverts who claims to be a big shot executive at Oracle but in reality he has absolutely ZERO influence within the organization. Dan Koloski routinely abuses Oracle’s overhead account to pay for call girls, exotic dancers […]

Carson Jane Waterman – Berwick, Maine

This wrinkled face toothpick slept with a married man for over 10 months, while the wife was home taking care of their kid. After the wife found out about the affair, Carson harassed the wife all over social media calling her fat and saying she was “the side piece”. This woman has a daughter as […]

Erica Lynn Berry – Hollis, Maine

Erica Berry of Hollis Maine is a true home wrecker. She’s slept with married men, men who have babies on the way, and lord only knows who else. She is slutty and desperate and will go for any man who shows her a little attention or buys her stuff. She slept with the married coach […]

Daniel Stottlemyer — Portland, Maine

Daniel Stottlemyer cheated on every single woman he has ever been with. He cheated on his first fiancé, Kendra Unisko (Golumbisky-Moran) and his wife, Sarah Stottlemyer of 8 years. He told me that his real name was Don Peterson and was divorcing his wife, but the night I slept with him, his wife came home […]

Dan Corson – Maine

I dated Dan for a year n during that year I dealt with his insane need to message other girls on facebook or via text or plenty of fish. He would message them things like sexy sweetie baby etc n asking them if they wanted to hang out or hook up. During this time he […]

Scott Owen Martin – Waterville, Maine

Scott who is 43 years old and I dated for 3 years. It was the longest most emotional 3 years of my life. He was kind and loving at first, then he turned very quickly. He started to alienate me from my friends and family. Had me quit my job and stay home 24/7. If […]

April Neher — Presque Isle, Maine

I met this couple back in 2009 my husband worked with this guy named Andrew. They became really good friends so we all met and hit it off and became really good friends. In June 2010 I had my second daughter and few days later my husband proposed to me. Later on that year my […]

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