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985-231-9050 rim me!

985-231-9050 he insisted on me r*****g him… guess what? His a*s was stinky, I guess he never did the finger test. When I suggested a shower he stormed out of my hotel room. What a f*****g p***k he is! Stay away from him if you visit New Orleans or Baton Rouge!

Don’t trust Hunter

3378736181 Hunter is not to be trusted! Fed me so much c**p and even paid for me to get my nails done and then he tells me he’s sorry but he has 2 kids a girlfriend he has to fix things with .. could’ve said that before we f****d all those times Hunter. Thanks for […]

Zayd is a cheater, a liar & abusive

Derek Smith, AKA Zayd Muwahid Abdullah in New Orleans Louisiana is a compulsive liar, a cheater and abusive. He told me lies about how he wanted to marry me, and intentionally tried to get me pregnant, while he was living with another woman. Since he’s Muslim, he feels he’s entitled to have multiple “wives”, when […]

Gino Gallodoro — New Orleans, Louisiana

Gino Gallodoro is a Drunk who talks to multiple girls plus floozys and is Married. He’s an Italian who acts like he’s black around black people then acts White around his white friends. He has a little p***s. He listens to rap music to fit in but actually doesn’t know what he likes. He’s cheated […]

504-812-9018 Nanyamka Barnes 7921 Dorsett Drive

504-812-9018 Nanyamka Barnes 7921 Dorsett Drive Annoying… he called me, texted my a*s off… kept talking about coming to my place and make me check the guys on Grindr… and he never showed up. If you’re an escort avoid him! I live in NOLA and this guy has also flaked on escorts visiting town.

Dana Hernandez — Saint Bernard, Louisiana

You really don’t want to run into this c**t in a dark alley, If you do and you stay you will regret it for the rest of your life. I mean this b***h is really screwed up in the head. like d**n, she is just plain nuts. This weirdo went to work has s*x with […]

Matthew Fisse — Louisiana

First I will admit that I am the ex-wife. But out of sincere concern for other women, I would warn you that he is not the person he portrays. He is a covert narcissist and has abused me and my children in multiple ways for years. Last year He was forced to move out and […]

Jonathan D. Jeff — New Orleans, Louisiana

Jonathan Jeff is a psychopath. He does not have any boundaries when it comes to women. He thinks NO means YES. He will sexually assault you to say you ask for it. He will hit you to use his famous excuse that he blackout to not know what happen or blame you for triggering him. […]

Lindsey Sellers — New Orleans, Louisiana

This b***h Lindsey will lie, cheat and travel to sleep with a married man like the nasty thing she is. She probably hit every bar and truckstop along the way to suck and f**k with all the lonely men out on the road and away from there woman. She comes and goes after she moved […]

Mary Thompson — Olla, Louisiana

Be careful dating or f*****g this teacher, she’s been reported to make false claims if she doesn’t want to lose you in the crowd. She found Big and wanted to get out of the Ho business, thought she was in love or some sick s**t. She went from $10 bj’s for a hit of crack […]

Blaine Bakies Jr — Waggaman, Louisiana

I left him almost 2 yrs ago they order him $100 for 4 months then the order was $321 he didn’t pay that for 6 months they then hit him with a $600 pergue payment and up support to $421 so in July-August I got maybe $600 bc he was working and bam he quit […]

Lisa Allen Lang — Winnfield, Louisiana

Lisa Allen Lang, a deadbeat mother that sold all her babys for 10k then she went to the streets selling her stinky p***y and a*s for fast cash. That’s why she no longer have any friends, she will f****d or tried to f**k their wifes husbands. She’s a s**t who knows no boundaries when it […]

Melissa Swanson — Bossier City, Louisiana

Melissa gets bored easily and when she does, it’s time to pick apart a married woman and f**k her husband. Apparently she thinks of her behavior as some kind of cheating sport. There are also gifts and money involved, she wants everything then says bye-bye, she’s not really a w***e but if you didn’t know […]

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