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Darren Ambler/ Sex addict/Drug addict/ Prostitute:STD Carrier/ Cherry Hill NJ

Darren Ambler , Cherry hill NJ, Sexual Abuse, Drug Addict, S*x Addict, P*********y, Incompetent Parent, Brain Damage, STD Carrier, Vulgar, No Class, Abusive: Beware: ************************************************************************** Darren Ambler continues to be a threat to especially females. However – this Sociopath would back-stab just about anyone to get what he wants or to attempt to keep his […]

Signs Of A Cheating Husband

Is he missing dinners and celebrations at home? Have you noticed your husband making more and more excuses to stay away from you and home? These and many more are the typical signs of a cheating husband. He may be doing things just behind your back and you will not know. Infidelity is a growing […]

USF! COVERUP! | When will you do something about the sexual harassment and porn-use during work hours of your supervisors, employees, and professors such as David Brodosi and Dr. Catherine Wilkins?

David Brodosi: What a Dirty Man! USF library supervisor views p**n at work. On university-owned computers! And then sends it to female employees under his supervision! With his USF work email! Writes s*x stories. Masturbates to s*x stories that he has USF library employees read to him. Has s*x with employees under his supervision. USF! […]

Darren Ambler- BEWARE- Sex-Drug addict- STD Carrier-Sociopath-Prostitute- DNA- Illegitimate children/Cherry Hill- NJ:

Beware concerning Darren Ambler. Sociopath- S*x and Drug addicts only grow worse over time. STD infections can be life threatening. He is responsible for Illegitimate children and at least 2 abortions. Darren Ambler is a true to form Evil- S*x Deviant with no Conscience or Rational thought. Selfish and evil to the core. Incompetent parent. […]

Darren Ambler-Prostitute-Sociopath-Liar-Sex & drug Addict-STD Carrier-DNA-Paternity confirmed- Danny's Father-Cherry Hill- NJ:

Darren Ambler’s life is about to “Forever” change. DNA has been confirmed. Darren Ambler’s lies- s******g and abusing women resulted in him being Danny’s daddy. Darren best be prepared for the up and coming Child Support Hearing. It is a win win situation for me and Danny *********************************************************I M SURE there are other illegitimate children […]

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