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Jeremiah "Joe" Clark

Jeremiah “Joe” Clark has lived in many places in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area. He is the boyfriend of Jessica Hayes (, a proud dope fiend who loves being around rapists, criminals, and deadbeats like Jeremiah. Jeremiah “Joe” Clark is a grade A POS who is proven time after time to be an abusive coward […]

Jessica Hayes – Dope Fiend Dumpster who LOVES Convicted Rapidts and Deadbeats

If you know anyone that is a convicted rapist, deadbeat, rapist, and woman beater who is looking for someone to make their next target, have them search Jessica Hayes on Facebook ( Yes,deadbeats, rapists, and woman beaters are her type. Her favorite type of guys in the past have been those, and she loves it […]

Jessica Hayes

Jessica Hayes is a liar, dope fiend, user, and abuser who uses individuals financially and is a homewrecker. She uses a person who is most vulnerable to get into there lives. Pleads for help because all of her men are too busy committing crimes and spending time in jail, and blames the father of her […]

Jami Smith

#1 cheater period! Cheated on her long term boyfriend then moved in with the guy she cheated on him with. She then turns around and cheats on the guy she is living with with another guy at work! She is currently seeing the guy at work, the former boyfriend as well as 2 other guys. […]

Khloe and Murray Mindy :Trash State Tri

These girls are known for using people, always acting like they’re at work 24/7. They can and will use every guy and girl for money and will show interest in you as long as you buy them something or take them somewhere. They use any and every man and woman that will spend money on […]

Craig Richmond — Richmond, Kentucky

Alright yall. Here’s a real winner. 6’6″/240 lbs and a perfect body and 33 yeas old with his own house with a new job making $30/hr. Seems like a normal grown man right? WRONG! Try a guy who begged for months for me to give him a chance and hang out and I finally did […]

Edgel D Hall — Kite, Kentucky

Edgel D. Hall, who lives in Kite, Kentucky, age 60, is a pathological liar and manipulative. He uses many social media sites such as Facebook and various dating sites. He often will be talking to several different women at the same time. He has a long reputation for being dishonest and untrustworthy. He tends to […]

Gayle Martin — Paducah, Kentucky

This stupid b***h thought she was the only one getting his d**k after she got him to leave his wife for her s***k-ity self. He still bangs his wife and has another s**t girl on the side. He’s a manwhore and he likes to have s*x without protection. If Gayle isn’t infected with the clap […]

Jennifer Totten — Kentucky

She’s nothing but a two-faced bully and liar and a drama queen and two-time felon who somehow works at a hospital now for people in Kentucky, She’s from WV. If you met this girl or know her from Facebook. Either way, stay away and pass on the word. She’s a w***e. She has a daughter […]

James Grizzly Adams — Frankfort, Kentucky

This guy has to be the biggest liar and user of a woman in history. He claimed to be in a motorcycle club and found out he was not in that club. He will do anything to get into a girl’s panties. He is currently a fugitive and on the run and has several warrants […]

Bobby Hopkins — Pikeville, Kentucky

Bobby is a cheat and a liar. He doesn’t want anything to do with his son, he would rather have some girl over his own kid. He was there the first 2 months and hasn’t been there since and his son is going on 3 years old. He has a baby with the girl he […]

Kassi Schmidt — Louisville, Kentucky

This s***k is a real homewrecker that goes from man to man sucking, licking and f*****g them dry. I have never seen a w***e this bad oh my g*d. She also uses drug after drug and really loves the high feeling. She has almost gone through every man in Louisville, Kentucky so watch your men […]

Roger Madden — Lexington, Kentucky

This guy is straight up scum. He cheats on his wife with multiple girls that he meets on seeking arrangement. Says he has work meetings late in the day but his “meetings” are with his girlfriends. Can not tell the truth!!!! Will make you think you’re the only girl he is seeing but he has […]

Mindy Ball — Phelps, Kentucky

Mindy Ball the s**t that stalked her married lover like a hound dog on a d**k trail, and she didn’t want the trail to her p***y to get cold. If he went to Kentucky, where she was, ready to gamble with his wife and sneak f**k him after a few drinks; if he was too […]

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