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Madison Snodgrass — Wichita, Kansas

She’s a little shy until she wants to f**k your brother or the best friend of her boyfriend or your husband; then, Madison comes out of her shell and f***s without protection. She’s a mommy to a little dumpling she had with her ex best friends husband. She’s starting to overcome the shyness and her […]

Sadie Ann Sims — Kansas City, Kansas

She tried to break up a marriage. She couldn’t. Then claimed she was pregnant when she has 3 kids that she does not have custody of. She wants to talk s**t about how he’s always gonna look for her in everything for the rest of his life. When in reality he saw her true colors […]

Brianna Gomez (Topeka, KS)

Brianna is a textbook narcissist. In addition to cheating on me throughout the year we dated, she intentionally destroyed my home and physically assaulted me to the point where I have visible scars over a year later. Brianna will lie, constantly, regardless of the situation. She lies about being molested, abused, and discriminated against but […]

Rennie (Ren) Richardson — Topeka, Kansas

I met REN in a small town in NE. He was a very goodlooking, handsome, charming, witty, cunning, person. He stated he worked out and loved being a home body. He claimed he worked at Harley Davidson then over one year ago. He claimed he lived independently. He moved twice within the three months I […]

Erik David Leschuk — Wichita, Kansas

Erik David Leschuk from Wichita, Kansas is a Serial Cheat. He is a very nasty creep who loves to look into people’s bedroom windows watching children undress. He will lie and cheat and steal from you. He is a waste of space. He loves to stay on p**n sites. He masturbates watching young boys naked. […]

Paul M Gerlach — Wichita, Kansas

Meet the GREAT PRETENDER ~ King of Fraud, Illusions, Secrets and Lies, as well as Broken Promises. Very, Very, Bad Idea. *NOT SINGLE*. Born 10-20-1951, PUSHING 60-YEARS-OLD. At first charming, he will then ignore you by punishing you emotionally. He will PLAY you and he will HURT you ~ leaving you fighting for any property […]

Jessica Gorden – Wichita, Kansas

Because I started an Amazon business that nets me at least 4 figures a week, this old raisin faced dried up b***h tried to file a fake police report on me saying that I drove past her house and was “verbally” abusing her. So first off, who in the f*k is “driving” past someone’s house […]

Alana Hunt — Hutchinson, Kansas

I have never experienced anything quite like this girl. This last month that we were together she admitted to cheating on me 4 times in a 6 day stay I had in jail but most of all she admitted 2 of them were on the same day on separate occasions . Not to mention kyle […]

Josh Elkins — Kansas

He love sleeping cheating and making girls feel like he love them he used them for s*x and whatever he wants he can talk it out of you he have a wife and have 2 babymommas he have 11 kids with his wife and a son with some other girl he told me we was […]

Magaly Alba — Wichita, Kansas

This illegal got married and became a U.S. w***e. She cheats on her husband and then debates about the meaning of a w***e. For example, if she f***s every hairy d**k she meets but doesn’t charge more than a drink or a gift, does that still make her a w***e? YES! It makes you a […]

Mark McVay — Wichita, Kansas

Invite Mark McVay into your house and watch him work. It doesn’t take this confidence-cheating thief to find and eat all the cookies, drain a bank account, use all the toilet paper and never replace the roll. He wears the same stained undies and never brushes his teeth. He doesn’t work and complains like a […]

Sarah Schwartz — Wichita, Kansas

Pill-popping Sarah Schwartz has a girlfriend named Melissa Maxwell. The two of them can drain a bottle in no time and be on Facebook looking for more friends with bottles. Known cheaters around the bar, these two tramps work hard to not work, stay f****d up and post s**t online about other people. They take […]

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