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Joe Conry — Davenport, Iowa

He’s a lying, cheating, abusive, violent, drug addicted, materialistic, insanely jealous, cheat. He’s been married for twenty years to Jodi, has two kids. He has herpes and spreads it to all his little girlfriends. He left a pregnant girlfriend behind in Boston. He hit his summer girlfriend because he was so jealous of everything she […]

Brenda Landis — West Des Moines, Iowa

BRENDA JEAN LANDIS Brenda is an all around slimmy, slithering snake in the grass. She leaves her son at home all night while she runs off to cheap hotels or dope house with men to smoke meth. She can’t get her own man she likes the seconds of friends man. She wastes space, air, H2O, […]

Doug Jurgens — Winterset, Iowa

I was separated from my husband and dated Doug for a few months. He is a complete drunk and drug addict. Due to his habits I quit seeing him. He has been stalking me for over a year now. Literally, he sits outside my home, will drive up and down my street, he was even […]

Emily Parcell — Des Moines, Iowa

Emily Parcell is a LIAR and THIEF who brazenly scours the internet looking for victims on the dark web. She steals names and addresses of the elderly and using social media obtains personal details of her targets changing a few last-minute details to forge donations to her boss, Elizabeth Warren. She then steals the tax […]

Robert “Bob” McKenzie — Des Moines, Iowa

Bob has a track record for f*****g more than a6 women at a time. I found out what a douchebag he was after being pregnant w his child. He continues to hide and lie and is so jealous that he becomes dangerous to his next target. I feel sorry for anyone involved with his limp […]

Melissa Gerke — Iowa

Sent pies to my guy trying to start issues between him and me just because her marriage fell apart …. careful ladies this one doesn’t give a s·_· if he’s taken or not …. she’s on Facebook look her up I’m sure she won’t have a problem sharing nudes or give her a call at […]

Josh Blacksmith — Des Moines, Iowa

Liar, thief, cheater. Lies about EVERYTHING including his dating status. Skips out on rent. Never pays people back. Steals from friends and relatives. He is a covert narcissist who plays the role of the quiet, “enlightened” new-age hippie. Has several different personas. Death metalhead one minute. Grateful Dead fan wearing tie-dye the next. He’s very […]

LeAnna Fisher — Clarinda, Iowa

If you like meth like LeAnna likes meth, you should know it can have detrimental effects on an unborn child. Don’t talk to her boyfriend, don’t even look at him. It makes her crazy and she has a short fuse from the dope, anyway. She will start accusing you of cheating her out of some […]

Quentin Blakely — Richland, Iowa

Do not believe a word this guy says. He will have you believing in forever with him after months of dating just for him to ghost you. Year later he will apologize and act like everything is good. You will believe his lies just for him to ghost you again. He is immature in every […]

Bobbie Folsom — Davenport, Iowa

I caught Bobbie Folsom cheating on me thru Craigslist when she advertised to have her trees topped and ended up getting her bush trimmed by the very married handyman. He’s much younger and she’s trying to teach him new tricks. She loves to wreck homes and run p***y interference on trusting wives with a known […]

Shawn Fuller — Davenport, Iowa

Shawn Fuller has anger issues even though his mama spared him the clothes hangar. As you can probably imagine, it’s hard, Johnny Cash sang about it in “A boy named Sue.” Shawn Fuller is somewhat slight, not too manly but makes himself seem bigger when he beats women, stands on his tiptoes and poses in […]

Stephanie Rose — Indianola, Iowa

Stephanie Rose cheater, twisted or straight, it makes no difference to Stephanie, None of that s**t matters when she’s geeking for another hit. She likes to earn her money as she goes, smoke her hits after she blows. It’s all good, she stays high and cheaters stay dry, until the next time when they stick […]

Kerri Freidhof – Iowa

She sent me nudes and I thought about f*****g her but by the time I got back with her, she was cheating with a married man who bought her a lot of presents. Kerri stayed with him for awhile until, all of a sudden, she reappeared in my DM’s. I guess it didn’t work out. […]

Kimberly Boner — Des Moines, Iowa

This bummy a*s floozy always runs back to me when it’s tax season like what the h**l is wrong with you to do you only want me for my money you do not want me for who I am as a person and your nothing but a liar and cheater and it disgust me. How […]

Kent Snyders — Larchwood, Iowa

I have been dating him for about 6 months. all of a sudden, out of the clear blue he will not return any calls or accept my calls – just always get his voice mail. He won’t talk to me. He has been seeing another woman for about a month behind my back. He didn’t […]

Kali Jarnagin – Ames, Iowa

Kali J. likes this guy alot and is not a hater but wants him to break up with his girlfriend so he can be together with her. She dates other guys for something to do and so does her crush, she believes, until they can be together. She can’t help smiling when she sees him […]

Jason Oberbroeckling – Iowa

Jason (Obe)Oberbroeckling is an emotionally abusive, manipulative, cheating douchebag. He has cheated on every single woman he’s ever been with, including you Sarah. He loves to sleep with exes and blame it on the excessive amount of alcohol he drinks. He will sleep with drunk women, has hit a pregnant woman and loves to talk […]

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