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Amy Blair Heavner — Indiana

This woman is crazy. She is my ex girl and here lately she has been contacting me asking questions. I think her husband is not giving it to her the way he should and she’s wanting me again. She got married a while back and since then she has been blowing me up. If she […]

Michael Karacson

Michael Karacson is now a sissy fem submissive no longer a man from Mishawaka Indiana that submits to men and serves them as a sissy slave to use him as they like. You can text Michael 574-299-3842

Michael Karacson

Michael Karacson is now a sissy fem submissive no longer a man that submits to men and serves them as a sissy slave to use him as they like. You can text Michael 574-299-3842

Mallie Black — Indianapolis, Indiana

Mallie Black has been stripping and selling her p***y for years and has been a floozy all her whole life since the age of 15 years olds. Finally, she found her a grandpa to take care of her and don’t need me anymore and pay all her bills and give her money when she needs […]

John Mccormick — Lafayette, Indiana

I’m Jania and I want all you beautiful ladies to know that John Mccormick is a man who doesn’t”t believe in treating his woman right trust me I would know we dated 3/5 years and all he could ever do for me was hurt me he is the most mind-controlling son of a b***h I […]

Amber Harper — Fort Branch, Indiana

Amber Harper is now married so her married name is Amber Hall. Amber is a goddam c*m bucket she tells people that she is a lesbian, but that is a big lie. She goes both ways and lets any man or woman have s*x with her. One night I got off work early one night […]

Sergio Ortega Herrera — DeMotte, Indiana

Sergio Ortega Herrera is a multiple personality Pedophile. Seeks young girls to m********e with. Has multiple snaps chat accounts Facebook accounts and uses Xbox to seek girls. Has multiple phone numbers and e-mails addresses. Gains there trust and asks for personal information to get close to the victim. He asks for masturbation videos or naked […]

Sarah Combs — Brookville, Indiana

She’s got the face of a side s**t and the saggy a*s of a used up w***e. Meet Sarah Combs, the would-be homewrecking b***h who tried to go from side b***h to w***e house. She got what she deserved, F****D for a while and then DUMPED like a used rubber! To look sexy for all […]

Jill DiGiovanni — Indianapolis, Indiana

She is a dirty little sloot that cant keep her mouth careful she loves to sleep with your boyfriend and any guy she can she but what’s pathetic she gets but hurt about when her one night stand don’t text her in the morning. And she has DRDs run boys if u can and […]

Lyndsey Hover — South Bend, Indiana

This h***y s**t loves my dog so much that sometimes she makes love with it. It all started after she saw b********y animal s*x videos She was h***y and lonely. She got my dog to eat her a*s and p***y out. I caught my girlfriend f*****g family dog after I began to suspect that my […]

Grace Kessler — Fort Wayne, Indiana

Grace gets around with Fort Wayne men so much that she’s starting to get a bad girl reputation. All because of that cheater she was seeing on the regular, hanging on him like she was overdosing on a shopping spree, licking her lips just to retaste his lolipop. The latest gossip is that she caught […]

Amber Wells — Orleans, Indiana

How do you get this b***h to shut up, close her mouth and make her have to sneak in a b*****b? Just let her know she’s a f*****g cheater and homewrecking s**t. Once she knows you know about her, you know, she opens her mouth less. She’s a mommy and a bar tramp who likes […]

Jessica Rose — Borden, Indiana

If you come across a post for a boring b***h who needs a roomate, keep looking. This Jessica out w***e will violate your personal space just because she fails to plan and is needy. She will steal your deposit and f**k with your friends. She’s a cheater and lier who seems to have a track […]

Marcie Conder Williamson — Portage, Indiana

Marcie Conder Williamson is a nurse at Gary Indiana ER. Marcie is a nasty nurse looking for married men to get her pregnant. She only likes married men ONLY with wives who are sick. She lives with her parents so she has s*x in her car at devils trumpet in the parking lot in Valparaiso […]

Richard Schultz — Borden, Indiana

Richard Schultz, hit me up on Zoosk. Seemed like a great guy but found out he is married. Very married! Is 60 not 48! Tells so many lies! Don’t waste your time on this selfish a*****e! I feel sorry for his wife. Told her about him, she was devastated!

Aaron W Uribe — Fishers, Indiana

If you’re googling this mans name, chances are you’ve already run into this psychotic monster and are trying to identify it by image and mating characteristics. Aaron W Uribe of Fishers, Indiana is a pulse f****r, tracks you down if you have a p***y you’re willing to smash him in his a*****e. Then, the strange […]

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