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Cassie Mosby — Danville, Illinois

This is Cassie Mosby. Currently lives in Danville, IL and is a serial cheater/herpes spreader! I currently have been dating cassie for 1 year and just now found out she cheated and gave me herpes as well!!!! She has 4 kids all taken away! Has no home, no car, and basically no income! Currently on […]

Scott Wantroba — Illinois

Well, I and the girls have a lot of time on our hands. And the stories are coming out you should hear them. But you know them all. They all have the same scenario, they always start with you talking dirty around them while working their house, you are so predictable, and such a lier. […]

Jordan Clifford — Evanston, Illinois

Jordan Clifford had an affair with my husband for months. She knew he was married and was perfectly content with being the other woman and destroying a marriage. She has no integrity. She is supposed to be teaching our youth, but how will she teach them when she has no moral compass of her own?

Sara Joseph — Rockford, Illinois

Sara Joseph, who is married, struck up a friendship with her married coworker, John Crowe at Lifetouch Publishing (Loves Park, IL). Since she did tattoos on the side, John hired her to do some tattoo work on his neck and other areas of the body for cash. Any reputable tattoo artist would refuse to do […]

Nick Lachman — Naperville, Illinois

In normal il, he held his girlfriend hostage. The swat team had to come. He did the same thing to his family in Naperville.

Brenna Johnson — Decatur, Illinois

This B***h is from a real good family But makes bad choices, She spreads her legs to have her fun and wants to get pregnant have a baby but then chooses drugs and has her family raise her nasty a*s. This b***h won’t even find her own man she’d rather f**k married men. Her mother […]

Laura Shakespeare — Chicago, Illinois

Laura Shakespeare is a 38 year old drunk and parties every weekend with 20-year-olds, prays on younger men and then has the Audacity to talk about girls half her age because she is old and miserable and can’t find a husband, a man her age or stable relationship, she should be focused on getting more Botox […]

Brian Pilon — Illinois

Found out that my x husband was cheating on me with a young girl even tho he has been married to me and has kids. I got a call from my aunt telling me that she saw his pic on Facebook saying that he cheated. I checked out this site and requested proof just to […]

Maria Cano — Chicago, Illinois

This girl is telling everyone her man was with her before he started f*****g with her but she also knows what a liar and a cheater he is, knows he will f**k anything with a hole and pretend that it was all in the past. The truth is Maria Cano is the w***e who chases […]

Jake Miles — Peoria, Illinois

Jake has some of the worst qualities you could ever find in a partner. Just to name some: Alcoholic, narcissistic, immature, liar, cheater, sneak, devious, cruel and a downright horrible and mean person. He has cheated on every girlfriend he’s ever had. He admittedly hates women and thinks they are stupid. The man hates his […]

Nazia Ahmad — Chicago, Illinois

Nazia Ahmad is the kind of woman that women’s groups advocate against. After her now-husband, Bruce Nelson, exploited me for two years, Nazia seemingly encouraged him to misrepresent himself and me to the Courts. She has no doubt participated in his defamation of me which served no purpose other than to intimidate me into silence. […]

Marla Izbicky — Chicago, Illinois

This b***h is not your friend if you are married. She’s only inviting you near to sleep with your husband. She was recently sliding down the c**k of a married firefighter, Timmy Hays (his friends and b*****s call him Big Worm), while married herself. She was trying to put out the cheating fire, the same […]

Jessica Leann White — Taylorville, Illinois

Jeff Richards leave Jessica alone. No more stalking Jessica she is a great grandmother she is back with Lionel. Jessica does not want you. Jeff stalking Jessica from California to Illinois. A restraining order in Taylorville stays away from Jessica. Jeff is a liar telling lies in town and online. Leave Jessica alone

Jenna Malovey — Chicago, Illinois

Here we have Jenna Malovey She’s a kindergarten teacher and this girl is totally unfit to be any kind of role model for our youth. The whole facility knows about her and is disgusted, she has hooked up with multiple student fathers even married ones! She has no regard for anything or anyone, she parties […]

Kunoor Ojha

Kunoor Ojha is a schizophrenic waste of time. She advocates ISIL violence and chants Death to America while raising money for charity (which she steals from). Her mother is a schizophrenic who is addicted to cannibis and her father is a steroid infested hypermasculine male who sexually assaulted her once and didn’t find her attractive.

Liore Dygola — Chicago, Illinois

Come check out Liore! She’s just your average hoe from Chicago trying to be a groupie of the Chicago bulls while pursuing her dream job to be a bottle girl/promoter! She’s been running through by half the city and is very close to the biggest spenders in the city of Chicago, which is who supplies […]

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