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Maria Cano — Chicago, Illinois

This girl is telling everyone her man was with her before he started f*****g with her but she also knows what a liar and a cheater he is, knows he will f**k anything with a hole and pretend that it was all in the past. The truth is Maria Cano is the w***e who chases […]

Jake Miles — Peoria, Illinois

Jake has some of the worst qualities you could ever find in a partner. Just to name some: Alcoholic, narcissistic, immature, liar, cheater, sneak, devious, cruel and a downright horrible and mean person. He has cheated on every girlfriend he’s ever had. He admittedly hates women and thinks they are stupid. The man hates his […]

Nazia Ahmad — Chicago, Illinois

Nazia Ahmad is the kind of woman that women’s groups advocate against. After her now-husband, Bruce Nelson, exploited me for two years, Nazia seemingly encouraged him to misrepresent himself and me to the Courts. She has no doubt participated in his defamation of me which served no purpose other than to intimidate me into silence. […]

Marla Izbicky — Chicago, Illinois

This b***h is not your friend if you are married. She’s only inviting you near to sleep with your husband. She was recently sliding down the c**k of a married firefighter, Timmy Hays (his friends and b*****s call him Big Worm), while married herself. She was trying to put out the cheating fire, the same […]

Jessica Leann White — Taylorville, Illinois

Jeff Richards leave Jessica alone. No more stalking Jessica she is a great grandmother she is back with Lionel. Jessica does not want you. Jeff stalking Jessica from California to Illinois. A restraining order in Taylorville stays away from Jessica. Jeff is a liar telling lies in town and online. Leave Jessica alone Remove me!

Kunoor Ojha

Kunoor Ojha is a schizophrenic waste of time. She advocates ISIL violence and chants Death to America while raising money for charity (which she steals from). Her mother is a schizophrenic who is addicted to cannibis and her father is a steroid infested hypermasculine male who sexually assaulted her once and didn’t find her attractive. […]

Kunoor Ojha

Kunoor Ojha is a terrorist and ISIL sympathizer with ties to the middle East terror group Hezzbolah. She has s*x with gay men only in exchange for drugs an is a drug dealer. She deals heroin to other campaign assistants in return for blood sweat labor. Her mother is a convicted terrorist of the Hindus. […]

Trent Wieties cheating on his wife, Sarah Wieties using fake name and hiding real name on Facebook lives in Collinsville, Illinois

His real name is Trent Wieties or Trenton Wieties but he told me his name was Terry Norlander. He sent me numerous pictures of himself and his children. Told me he was single and had been cheated on by his ex-wife he called Sarah while he would be out of town for the army. Said […]

Johnny Barnes — Westville, Illinois

This guy is a manipulator, sweet talker, outgoing personality knows all the right things to say to hook you. He is a narsassistic, manipulative, verbally and emotionally abuse sociopath! has major stealing problems from stores, has a criminal record, check it out. verbally and emotionally abused me and our kids for 12 years and it […]

Daisy Sofia — Chicago, Illinois

Imagine the frustration of being a tramp like Daisy and all the nasty talk and nude pics you send aren’t enough to get a man to cheat on his girlfriend. Imagine her boyfriend finding out what a piece of s**t she is and dumping her cheating a*s. Imagine having to look in the mirror and […]

Sharon Russell — Normal, Illinois

Sharon Russell can’t keep her panties on whenever David is near, whenever he’s back from work. He’s the man she will have car s*x with while she’s at work. Once they even f****d in his wife’s car and she thought that was funny as h**l. She likes married d**k and is rumored to be f*****g […]

Shopanny Mejia — Chicago, Illinois

Shopanny is a Homewrecking w***e seeking a good time and a SugaDaddy to complete her life. She’s young and timid. She’s said she only prefer to date married men. She wants to break up homes and take money from their households. TRASHY W***E Remove me!

Trent (Trenton) Wieties is Cheating On His Wife Sarah Wieties — Collinsville, Illinois

Used the name David Peterson – Lied about everything – Met at hotel and when he was done using me for s*x he left. He turned off phone number blocked me and deleted all accts. I found pies online his real name is Trent Wieties – He is married and cheating on his wife Sarah […]

Sara J. Joseph — Rockford, Illinois

In 2014, Sara J. Joseph and John Crowe, both married to other people, worked together at Lifetouch Publishing in Loves Park, IL. Sara and John became friends, and struck a deal for her to tattoos on John’s neck and other areas of his body for cash. A reputable tattoo artist would never do the neck […]

Colleen Coyne Apicella — Chicago, Illinois

l is as evil as they come. she is having unprotected s*x, while knowingly being drd positive. She is making her way around the 4×4 community, and she has had unprotected s*x with at least 4 guys, two of witch have been infected with the virus.. if you see this pepsi slores stay clear!!!! She […]

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