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Ashlee E. Bauter — Meridian, Idaho

She might be new to the sugar s**t game but she’s not the freshest p***y on the Hotel/Motel circuit. This b***h must be too lazy to clean up after she gets used for money, her p***y stinks like she already put in a day’s work and it’s still early afternoon. What in the world is […]

Joel Cortes — Twin Falls, Idaho

This is Joel Cortes he is such a piece of s**t. He married the lady he cheated on me with while I was pregnant and they both treat our son like c**p. It’s December and the last time he saw or got ahold of our son was in July, he takes care of her 2 […]

Donna Wade — Boise, Idaho

Married and cheating is nothing new for Donna, she’s been over there and done all of them, sends them nudes and thinks it’s okay to show her a*s and t**s to married guys. She has no regard for wives at all, she cheats and thinks everyone else should, too. Her parents raised her this way, […]

Brady Nettinga — Meridian, Idaho

Young girls beware, Brady has moved from Salmon, Idaho to Meridian, Idaho and uses Tinder to meet and hookup and possibly infect with STD’s. He is a married man that has a wife Linsee at home. He’s a known druggie who pays for s*x and offers dope in exchange for sexual services. Sometimes he’ll throw […]

Rachel Hansen — Star, Idaho

Rachel is getting desperate for some nasty s*x and has resorted to threatening her ex cheaters’ partner. As she balloons bigger and bigger, less and less cheaters want to chance being crushed in her freaky fetishes. Batteries for her toys are too expensive, they’re small engine marine batteries and she wears them out frequently, rechargeables […]

Tino Kleiss — Boise, Idaho

Tino Kleiss is a low down cheater/deadbeat dad I recently decided Tino and I needed to live apart for a while. He was always yelling at me, putting me down, and never home. He also stopped being affectionate with me. He got a smartphone and spent hours on end upstairs on it. I thought maybe […]

Robert Bowen — Boise, Idaho

He’s a Liar, a Thief, an extortionist. He abuses Women, Rapes them and he Molests children. He is horrible human being. Be very careful, even though he seems nice at first and looks at you with those green eyes, there is evil behind them, I found out the hard way and the price is too […]

Kevin Divine — Twin Falls, Idaho

Men AND Women: Don’t be charmed by this psycho! Kevin is around t 6’1″ and about 220 pounds, he’s charming and social at first, until you p**s him off, which happens when you stop giving him money! He is smart, arrogant, and a CON MAN. He is out on Parole for FELONY DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, and […]

Eddie Gene Allen — Boise Idaho

Do not marry this man! I was dumb enough to fall for him and thought he was a great guy at first. He has a drinking problem….about a six pack or more of beer a night. About a month ago I found out he likes to see escorts. When I confronted him at first he […]

Brandon Windisch — Boise, Idaho

He may live with his father, or his mother, who have taught Brandon very well how to have relationships. This person has broken into past girlfriends’ homes; has admitted to having friends only for what thay “can do for me;” will not hold a job; steals from his own mother and anyone else he sees […]

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