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David Perry — Honolulu, Hawaii

This man lied and said he was single and picked me up on Tinder while I was vacationing in Oahu. He drugged me and raped me. He put something in my cocktail and then dragged me to his home where he raped me anally. He tied me up and suffocated me as I was screaming. […]

Chanel Jones — Mililani, Hawaii

She’s a runaway mom, who rather be running around the streets getting drunk and getting high.Makes promises to her children and never keeps them. She left her daughter in Oregon, and abandoned her son in Hawaii. She comes first, not even a phone call. Remove me!

Jaime Lynn Hummel — Honolulu, Hawaii

This is Jaime Hummel, Honolulu, Hawaii is where she cheats with married men and does all sorts of weird s**t for attention. Fake t**s get her a lot of stripper fans who think she must know how to suck a c**k. But, most are very disappointed and use her for the side b***h position which […]

Jaime Lynn Hummel — Honolulu, Hawaii

Jaime Lynn Hummel is a serial cheater known for her b*****b specials, she calls them “hummers.” All her money goes for cosmetic surgery and blow, she’s into looking fake and feeling good about it, attracts lowlifes from all over the island like dead fish attract flies. Let her tell you a lie and then hum […]

Jodi Shibata — Honolulu, Hawaii

TSA agent Jodi Shibata slept with my husband, her boss when she was 21 for 3 YEARS knowing he was married with 2 children and got a promotion which is a huge conflict of interest. What are TSA’s fraternization Policy, policies, and procedures? What kind of 21 years old can’t get someone their own age […]

Alana Kepa — Honolulu, Hawaii

Alana Kepa is a HOMEWRECKER! This fat ugly cow new that my husband is married ONLY to me, but that didn’t stop her from sleeping with my husband for 10 months. My husband said the s*x wasn’t even good, that she didn’t wipe her a*s and she was stinky down below. Another f****d up ending, […]

Mikako Saita — Honolulu, Hawaii

Lays down with anybody, go figure she is a sagittarius that gives no f**s. 4’9 , her phony inserts are dependent upon her neck 🤮wanna be display like whatever is left of Hawaii. Her cvnt smells like an old snapper angle. Furthermore, will do anything for xanax. Shes one of those young ladies that will […]

Jim Kaiser Lahaina Maui – Hawaii

Jim Kaiser is a psycho who was finally placed under Guardianship and is a ward of the state!!!! This fake is a mentally deranged bafoon who sends emails and texts threatening to kill people all over Maui!! He drinks all day long and gives blow jobs to men to get opiates. He was committed for […]

Patiola Funaki – Lahaina, Hawaii

Beautiful, sweet, loving, caring mother of 3 sounds like an awesome kind of person, right? For two months, this chick was like a dream, she would come over to my house screw my brains out and then go home to take care of the kids. It was an awesome arrangement and then one day she […]

Dave Mark — Waikiki-Honolulu, Hawaii

Dave Mark: 35 yrs old, caucasian, black hair, brown/multicolored eyes, 5’7″, 165 lbs, hairy arms & chest. Lives in Waikiki, work in downtown Honolulu. Serial Liar & Cheater, prey on tourists, foreign students, unsuspecting locals. Member of s*x website (handle name – exoticencounter1). Has STD, lied to a long-term girlfriend about cheating and infected […]

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