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Shaun Overton — Jesup, Georgia

Shaun currently has 4 children. He only takes care of one, and the only reason he is still in that child’s life is that the girl is dependent on his parents to support her. He likes to sleep on friends’ couches so he can’t be served with papers. He also frequently works under the table […]

Preston Long — Atlanta, Georgia

Preston is a fraud- do NOT fall for the charm. He will lie to you without batting an eyelash. And not just minor lies- he will tell you he wants a family with you, but a house with you, etc when he means none of it. He’s a classic commitment-phobe and frankly, abuses women both […]

Sean Russell Miller — Calhoun, Georgia

Sean Miller also goes by Omutsupad) is an attention w***e YouTuber that makes the s****y top list on youtube. However, on April 1st, 2017 Sean outed himself as a diaper furfag on kiwi farms. Immediately regretting his decision he begged Null to remove the post to no avail. He currently has 19,000 subscribers and 2 […]

Robert Backensto — Valdosta, Georgia

he’s MARRIED!!! for 30 years! He will lie and say he’s separated, he will admit that he still lives with his wife but in separate bedrooms. NOT TRUE!!! He has had several extra-marital affairs, some for several years, and multiple affairs at the same time!!!

Erika Mays — Columbus, Georgia

Erika Mays likes to keep things in the family. She has f****d her girlfriend’s husband and his older brother and, now, his younger brother. They all rate her differently, from a lousy f**k to so-so. Cheating comes naturally to Erika, she lost her family and doesn’t care, it frees her up to sleep around and […]

Courtney Flagg – Atlanta, Georgia

She lies, cheats, and steals. She will tell you she is pregnant to get you to stay but it is never true. She will tell more than one man that is pregnant and it is his playing all the men for money and drugs. she only cares about herself. Don’t trust this person.

Christy Campbell — Athens, Georgia

Give this b***h an inch and she wants the whole d**k. She f***s strangers she’s just met before the bar closes and anyone else she can find in dim lighting. She waits and keeps ho’s open for cheating men back from streets, many of which she f****d before they went off to other places. Remembering […]

Jason Isaac — Stockbridge, Georgia

Ladies please please beware of this lying. cheating, manipulating, narcissistic, man. Jason is originally from the Virgin Islands, he just turned 41 years old his birthday is November 7th, he has 5 kids one of whom lives here in Atlanta also. He lives in his sister’s basement, and uses numerous websites to prey 011 women […]

Timothy Pena — Savannah, Georgia

Listen here ladies – do not fall victim to Tim Pena. He travels between Savannah GA, Jacksonville FL, Palm Coast FL and Albany NY. This sleazeball has been in a long term relationship with a woman he was going to marry while also having serious other girlfriends on the side. Unprotected s*x, taking money, verbally […]

Carmen Rose Escort A.K.A Sheneka Adams

Carmen Rose Escort A.K.A Sheneka “Keke” Adams goes by @meet_carmen on Twitter I booked this smelly pu**y woman back in August of this year. Her emails were sweet, but when we met, Boy was it the WORST time. When we met, she had white stuff on her face. I asked what it was, she laugh […]

Stacy Foster — Blue Ridge, Georgia

Stacy Foster is deadbeat mother that sells her nasty p***y and she sells her children toys family bought them for Christmas on eBay. She is dirty hoe only takes bath once every two weeks. She will lie and cheat on you as soon as you go to work she will be fuking your best friends. […]

Jessica Wells — Atlanta, Georgia

Jessica Wells is a deadbeat mother and will travel if the married man c**k is to her liking. She will lie and chase him down and f**k him and lie and f**k him over and over. She makes Facebook posts telling everyone she’s in town to see a certain men, even when she knows he […]

Jennifer Leigh — Valdosta, Georgia

She’s not trustworthy and spends a lot of her energy attracting men and fighting with wives who don’t want their husband’s dicks in Jennifer’s p***y. Nasty and selfish, they think she should find her own honky tonk c**k and leave their’s alone. Std’s start in nasty p****s that make the rounds. Save your server money […]

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