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Matt Benton

Dis raunchy hoe here can’t keep his d**k in his pants. B***h a*s n***a can’t even have social media without tryna f**k hoes. Prolly got like 5 diseases by now.

Brett W Donnelly — Georgia

Brett W Donnelly think he is smart by getting involved with his crazy mother in Law Elizabeth (Liz) Zasa in stalking and harassing men for his mother in law and cover her cheating on his father in law Pasquale Zasa. Druid Hills Golf Club need to be aware of Brett W Donnelly.

Kimberly Donnelly

Kimberly Donelly also as know Kimberly Zasa need to baker act her crazy mother Elizabeth (Liz) Zasa. Unless Kimberly Zasa is involved in her mother cheating and stalking. I feel sorry for Kimberly Husband Brett Donnelly in get involved in this crazy family. Also poor Pat (Pasquale) Zasa. What a crazy family.

Sheneka Adams AKA Carmen Sage (@elitemodelc on Twitter, @avirgoworld on IG)

This HERPES having w***e needs to stop lying & get the f**k over herself. Her nose, teeth, breast, and body is surgically enhanced bodied, claims to be “real” She’s an escort that goes by the name Carmen Sage in Atlanta (@elitemodelc on Twitter) She claims to be 28, however, she posted that she’s over 30 […]

Jaeme A Waliace/Deaten — Georgia

Due to the fact I am extremely embarrassed, I was ever associated withJaeme I prefer to not list my name. I have a small business and she does and don’t need anymore accusations from this evil harlot. General outline is we met in August 2019 and hit it off instantly. There were none stop warning […]

April Henson — Douglasville, Georgia

this b***h thinks she’s g*d’s gift to men,she will do unto others every chance she gets,she swindles the elderly,she thinks she’s too good to get a job,draws welfare,always wants something for nothing,drives with no insurance and expired tag,she can’t keep her p***y in her pants,as long as you got money she will f**k you for […]

Ashley Stoddard — Georgia

this n***a is a tweaker he was my n***a for almost fo years and he started cheating on me with these hucci mommas and bithces on packpage he started picking b*****s up in my car yesss b***h my car sure did even spent the money i would give him on b*****s say this n***a aint […]

Ryan Young — Nashville, Georgia

So he is a womanizer, a liar, and a HUGE manipulator. I came out of my comfort zones because I felt safe with him like he wouldn’t hurt me, Introduced me to everyone in his town as the love of his life, Made me believe what we had was real. Now he won’t give me […]

Christine Agnone — Georgia

Cheated with her ex Zach. Right before the GA shelter in place order. Currently working at Emory School of public health. Not the first time she cheated. Please remember her lack of morals before dating her or hiring her for any positions.

Carol Jones — Austell, Georgia

I met this woman and she told me she was single but I found out she was married. She even brought me around her husband and she tried to seduce me while he was there. I left her alone and she came back and told me they were separated. We had s*x numerous times and […]

Teresa Haralson Osborne — Atlanta, Georgia

If your husband knows her, protect your family ASAP. No problem sleeping with married men. Fluent liar. Does not hold marriage as sacred. She’s been married at least 6-7 times and changes jobs frequently. Usually works in optics/eyeglass field. May live/work in both Georgia and Texas.

Russell Geary — Georgia

This man is known to have an addiction to cheating. He will make you sick a lie to you the entire time until you catch him to bed with you on tinder or any other dating site. He will continue to lie about it until you take his phone and shove it in his face. […]

Shaun Overton — Jesup, Georgia

Shaun currently has 4 children. He only takes care of one, and the only reason he is still in that child’s life is that the girl is dependent on his parents to support her. He likes to sleep on friends’ couches so he can’t be served with papers. He also frequently works under the table […]

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