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Renaud Tirfoin, Paris France

Birthday: 06/25/1984 Renaud Tirfoin is the very definition of trash. He plays high stakes poker at the Aviation Club de France where he and his entourage j**z into crepes and the ultimate loser would to eat those s***n-filled deserts. Renaud also travels to Thailand regularly for vacations despite the global pandemic because of his addictions […]

In Paris beware of Philippe Nazet, Nancy 54 (France), Crook, Escroc and Fraudeur

Bankrupted and dumb con artist Philippe Nazé, real name, aka philos54 aka pafeos aka 0659597561 is using his fake name Nazet and also his Greek ancestors names (Argyri and Argyrios) to defraud people and public administrations in Nancy, Paris and Cannes in France and also in Switzerland. He is posing as a concierge or a […]

Coralie Gaulupeau – Lisieux, France

Coralie Gaulupeau, like most potty posers, will attract attention, some of it by haters who are jealous of her or by small-minded people she has rejected. Attention is a double-edged sword, sometimes it attracts whores who fantasize about f*****g her brains out if she just bends over; other times it will make a jealous b***h […]

Amanda McEvoy – France

Amanda McEvoy is a girl from Strasbourg living in Vallais and Shanghai attending Les Roches University. She is working as an floozy using no condoms and at the same time trying to have s*x with every guy on campus who is in a relationship. She has no interest in single men and is carrying DRDs. […]

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