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Nika Mora Slut Prostitute Homewrecker

Please expose this home wrecker and madam prostitute s**t. She’s running all around Fort Lauderdale sleeping with everyone’s husband. Hey ladies! Hide your boyfriends and husbands. She has no shame either. I caught this bald edges rat sleeping and going on trips with my husband. She and he thinks I don’t know but I know […]

Nika Mora Homewrecker

Please expose this home wrecker and madam escort. She’s running all around Fort Lauderdale sleeping with everyone’s husband. Hey ladies! Hide your boyfriends and husbands. She has no shame either. She will sleep with your 85 year old grandfather of the pension check is right. She runs a Facebook page teaching women how to be […]

Corey Moore — Daytona Beach, Florida

This is Corey Moore, he works at Starbucks off Atlantic Ave and attends the University of Phoenix. His fat a*s mother Marie works at Bed Bath and Beyond in Kissimmee and thinks he’s a f*****g angel and is in total denial. His father Richard aka D**K works at Siemens in Orlando and is a homophobe […]

Herwin Gebrowitz — Weeki Wachee, Florida

He is 70 years old, lives in Weeki Wachee, Florida, has bad teeth, a real playa if you know what I mean. He is slick, a great liar, and tells you what you want to hear. He thinks he has all the answers and loves to play with your head. When you meet him, he […]

Ron Johnson — Florida

This man is a total con artist. He will beg, steal and borrow money from anyone and everyone. He is dangerous and abusive especially towards women. PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS MAN. There is more info on Facebook. Look up BEWARE OF RONALD WAYNE JOHNSON AKA RON JOHNSON.

Jerry Baugh — Winter Garden, Florida

Liar cheater anger issues very crazy cheats on a girlfriend who is a true dummy I can not wait for when she finds out what he says about her how he is not really attractive to her how she pays for everything because she does timeshare he hates s*x with her

Jonathan Hayden — Florida

This is Jonathan Hayden, former owner-operator of Protective Services of Florida. Myself and four other employees were defrauded out of our paychecks when this scumbag left town with the payroll. He has made claims that he sent the checks (providing false tracking numbers each time). Not only that, but he had also canceled the GL […]

William Edwards-Holzhausen from Florida now in Washington

Narcissistic, pathological assaulting liar. User & abuser are his codes of life, Hobosexual to the highest! Won’t pay for anything!! Nothing, He ain’t even that good looking, He’s a**, jerk hates being called a douchebag, but he is one, He’s 6’7 so watch out!! Assaulted a friend of mine, facing criminal charges. Lazy, will put […]

Aubrey Wuthrich — Florida

She says she is in a relationship. But she still gets paid by men on the side. She dates multiple men at once so she can steal from them. She left Colorado since she stole everything from me and my successful business. She thinks she is above the law. She serves maybe 1 to 2 […]

Eboni Reed — Tampa, Florida

What a nutcase w***e who will lower herself to do lude acts for money and drugs even s*x. She just can’t get enough. She is very sweet and funny, A flat out s**t and w***e. She will take you back to her place until she takes off her pants I mean wow the look and […]

Johana Molina — Florida

Leidy’ Johana” Molina is a serial cheater and a gold digger. She has a long history of cheating and theft. She is currently married to a loser, Walt Ostrander, who is 18 years her senior. She has already cheated on him multiple times. Now that she and Walt have a child together, it’s only a […]

Joseph DeValle — Naples, Florida

Joe is a con man extraordinaire. He is married and was seeing me while cheating on his girlfriend of two years, who he was allegedly head over heels in love with. Ok if that wasn’t bad enough it was me and two other women he was cheating with. Joe also has multiple arrests for assault […]

Summer Mitchell — Pensacola, Florida

Summer Mitchell loves meeting new guys. Married or not these are guys she hasn’t f****d yet and she doesn’t waste much time sending them naked photos to all guys on Facebook. By the second week she’s already f*****g them like she’s trying to make up for the week she did without. That first week all […]

Nicole Cimino — Port Saint John, Florida

Nicole is a Homewrecker and gold-digger. She is the ex who was getting dumped back when they were still in high school, so she lied and said she was pregnant to try and keep a boyfriend. He left, anyway. She never forgot how s****y that felt, to be dumped by a weirdo, and hit send […]

Amanda Myers — Tampa, Florida

Heads up Tampa. This 43 year old washed up slore. (Who thinks she still in her 20s) #plasticface is out for any man with money. She goes around telling people her ex wants her back for 60k, when in reality she told him pay me 60k and I’ll come back. He’s one of my best […]

Dr. Wilkins: Protects USF Sexual Harassers, Danger to Medical Patients, Commits Cancer Charity Fraud

Dr. Wilkins: A Champion for USF Sexual Harassers and Cancer Charity Fraud… Meet your assistant dean of USF Honors College, Judy Genshaft: Dr. Wilkins: Creates fake documents and false alibis to protect a sexual harasser (her former supervisor) at USF. Dr. Wilkins: Fills her USF state-owned work computer with p*********y and s*x stories from and […]

Thierry Brouwers Thierry Browers Shawn woolstorfox Julien Villiers Thierry Copper Shaman thierry Hollywood Pompano Beach Florida

This man is still at it ladies. Don’t let him fool you for one minute. He is on the prowl for a woman that can take him in and let him use you up for a place to stay. He is NOT interested in any long term relationship. As a matter of fact, he was […]

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