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Kayla Savard – Florida

Kayla Savard – Florida Hey ladies! Hide your boyfriends and husbands. This slore slept with my best friends boyfriend. She also sleeps with married men and has been fuking Eduardo Menezes for years. Someone please let his wife know. This tramp is working her way through all of your boyfriends and husbands in Wellington and […]

Dr. Catherine Wilkins, Interim Assistant Dean of University of South Florida

Dr. Catherine Wilkins, Interim Assistant Dean of University of South Florida Honors College. The cancer patient constantly told me many things I was doing was wrong and immoral (how annoying!) Dr. Catherine Wilkins, Art Historian. Your “loved one” is fighting cancer and chemotherapy alone? That means “PARTY TIME!” Right? Dr. Catherine Wilkins, Librarian. Commits adultery […]

KRIS ADKINS Orlando, Florida

Orlando’s very own Addict Realtor that can only sell her her raunchy A*s. It prefers married men or women because they would rather pay than to admit they did her. Sadly enough many have walked away with more than a empty wallet, there are more STD’s here than a free clinic. Its time is coming […]

Dennis Mark Lohr — Florida

Dennis Mark Lohr f****d my step sister and f*****g broke my heart😭 he had s*x with her more than once in the same day he cheated with my blood and now my family is aware of it and I and my sister are done with each other my life is going to h**l because of […]

Ashley Taylor — Clermont, Florida

Get a workout with a happy ending, book now with Ashley Taylor, Real Estate agent to the h***y men who use her on a regular basis. Not from Clermont? No worries, for an extra fee this tramp will come to you and get you off with her mouth, she has a plan for every paying […]

Kimberly Donnelly

Kimberly Donelly also as know Kimberly Zasa need to baker act her crazy mother Elizabeth (Liz) Zasa. Unless Kimberly Zasa is involved in her mother cheating and stalking. I feel sorry for Kimberly Husband Brett Donnelly in get involved in this crazy family. Also poor Pat (Pasquale) Zasa. What a crazy family.

Natalie Riccio Lee

P.S.A. Admittedly cheated on her 1st husband with all employees/many customers at husband’s retail store. She learned her lover received an inheritance and instantly uprooted her child to live with someone else’s money ONCE AGAIN and then #BABYONTHEWAY ! Guess who’s not seeing baby number one anymore #DADDYS GONE#NEXTVICTIM. Marriage #2 inheritance spent # HE […]

William Issac Weeks, and Jerry Weeks, – Avoid These Crooks

William and Jerry Weeks are back yard mechanics who take advantage of disabled people. Don’t use them these are the kind of people that are the ones who take advantage of handicapped people and their names are William and Jerry Weeks who live in Chattahoochee, Florida. William works for GOODWILL AUTO SALES IN Tallahassee, Florida. […]

Caroline Stark — Miami, Florida

I caught Caroline Stark drunk and forcing my dog to giver her a**l s*x!!! I had a party at my house and I caught this disgusting freak on all fours in my bedroom, spreading her b**t and forcing my poor dog to give her a**l s*x! When I caught her in my bedroom, she just […]

Ronnie Holck — Hollywood, Florida

Borderline personality disorder… Makes Glen Close in Fatal attraction look normal! Thinks he is Tony Soprano… Can’t hold a job and lives with his mommy. He will be overly helpful, generous and attentive. Followed by extreme fits of jealousy and paranoia. He preys on successful, career oriented, independent women.

Johnny Hadnot — Florida

I dated this man for nine months. We lived on and off together throughout that nine months I tried to make it home. He kept accusing me over and over and over of cheating. He would come up with anything he could that I did it on my way to the store that I did […]

Gregory Mallek — Sarasota, Florida

Gregory Mallek is a disgusting closet gay bottom who will cheat on you with men. I caught him on all fours. spreading his a’* for a big black dude that was pounding him hard. He had also tried to get me to go to swingers parties. He goes to swingers parties and gay orgies. He’s […]

Karen Geiger — Osprey, Florida

I heard she’s not speaking with her own mother after she f****d mommy’s man, f*****g tramp! Mommy had no idea until Karen had already swallowed several loads over the course of months. Whenever she could sneak in a b*****b while still f*****g half of Florida at the same time. A regular “entertainer” at the downtown […]

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