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Lamar Carter (703) 586-0421

Lives in the DC region, also lived in Orlando. Came to me for a one hour massage, nice guy, mid 30’s. Paid and tipped with a credit card at the end. Then challenged the charge with his credit card company a few days later. I had to repay the money from my next charge, turn […]

Yehia Moustafa — Washington DC

Yehia Moustafa from Alexandria Egypt is a thief and a drug addict. He steels money from his clients in his construction business. He uses expired construction materials in his projects and puts people’s lives at risk. This is a warning that doing business with Yehia Moustafa will cost you dearly and he will rip you […]

Laura Aguilar Washington DC USA

Laura Aguilar is a fat schizophrenic Puerto Rican b***h who is afraid of her life as a bartender. She smells like a*s and has to excuse herself to go to the restroom every five minutes in between meals. This is why she is destined to become a Melissa drag queen. There is no s**t about […]

Laura Aguilar — Washington, D.C.

Laura Aguilar is a violent n****r b***h who goes ape when she doesn’t quite get her way. She storms McDonalds and Burger Kings when her hamburger isn’t cooked correctly. She causes property damage and assaults store employees. Her a*s is fat an black just like the c**p she gives birth to. A general do not […]

Philip Cooksey Of Oracle Runs A Sex Trafficking Ring in Washington DC WebActivism

Philip Cooksey in Washington DC works a lame job at Oracle Corporation but that is only a ruse to fool the IRS and other authorities as his source of legitimate taxable income. Phil Cooksey makes a fortune in the underground market servicing politicians and business elite high-rollers around the Congress, Senate and House of Rep […]

Benjamin Young — Washington DC

Benjamine is pretty good at selling himself, he’s told many women he’s single and they bought into this cheater and f****d him for months before finding out the truth. He almost sold a business interest to Mark Cuban on Sharktank, but those people investigated and uncovered all his bullshit and lies. Cheating with less resourceful […]

Camille Raye is a Flop

This w***e is so full of herself, FILLERS, and bullshit. Maybe if she stopped f*****g for shoes and bags she could afford to clean her nasty apartment that you can see in her selfies. Probably smells like tortillas and 3 day old guac just like her p***y. She photoshops her face so much that she […]

Lindsey Mastis – Washington D C, United States of America

I live in the DMV, (DC, Maryland, and NOVA (Northern Virginia), and one of the most popular newsanchors in the area is Lindsey Mastis. She works for WJLA 7, the ABC affiliate for DC. She usually does the weekdays. Although, she is very hot and attractive, and Greek, from what I’ve heard and seen, she […]

Jamie Bean – Washington D.C.

It’s easy to hook up with this b***h, it’s harder to keep your wallet if you fall asleep. She disappears like a ghost and you wake up and realize you just payed for the experience of being taken to the cleaner, you overpaid! This trick needs to be on notice. She frequents different bars and […]

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