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Kimberly Donnelly

Kimberly Donelly also as know Kimberly Zasa need to baker act her crazy mother Elizabeth (Liz) Zasa. Unless Kimberly Zasa is involved in her mother cheating and stalking. I feel sorry for Kimberly Husband Brett Donnelly in get involved in this crazy family. Also poor Pat (Pasquale) Zasa. What a crazy family.

Leslie Sapienza — Dover, Delaware

Lying. manipulative, saggy, ugly b****. Has no one-so she wants what you have. Dishwater brown hair, big nose. Has s*x with anyone that can gag their way through it, including some random guy she hired to work on her closets. She keeps a poor old guy on the side who has significant medical problems so […]

Amy Massa — Wilmington, Delaware

Take a good look at this woman. Not all deadbeats are men. This woman has two sons who she has had no contact with for 2 years. No phone calls, no birthday cards, nothing. Owes over 20k in child support. Lives in a huge house with her boyfriend. F&ck you Amy.

Stephanie Vance — Delmar, Delaware

Have you seen this w***e in your man’s inbox? Her name is Stephanie Vance and she wants your man if she’s sent him any slutty nudes. If he’s already f****d her, cheated on you for this tramp, your relationship is in serious trouble, just like hers. She’s a gym rat who hooks up with random […]

Ian Farris

This little P***Y girl man cries about “cis gendered white men” on Facebook all day long because my straight friend rejected his gay sexual advances. Ian has issues

Marie Haitz – Delaware

She lies takes money things don’t go her way get mad starts to throw fits hits her self in the head And no matter what you do you hurt her kid’s omg they are out of control she has no control and they do don’t ever do anything wrong draw on the wall it

David Pulcinella — Delaware

Has cheated on every woman he’s ever been with. Has been in a more than 10-year relationship with a sweet woman named, Liz. Little does she know that her traveling Reebok-shoe-sales-man-male-w***e tries to get every woman he knows in bed. He has cheated on her over and over again. He even tells people he and […]

Sterling Brown — Delaware

He is just creepy. Looking for new women to have s*x with seems to be a daily routine of his. I was warned about him by someone and the things I could tell you about this guy is scary. He’s into a**l s*x and anything else someone is willing to try and his wife left […]

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