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Lamont M Belle — West Haven, Connecticut

This loser is from West Haven, Connecticut is a cheater and a liar. beware, ladies, he also has std and will give it to you. is with any woman that will give him a chance. he drives black Avalon and thinks he’s the man but can’t f*** to save his life will leave you unsatisfied […]

Colleen Justo has HIV

Colleen Justo acquired AIDS by having a**l intercourse with her brother Emil. As a result, she infects everyone she knows with HIV and even has a fat ugly Puerto Rican daughter with HIV too. As a result, her brother won’t get her pregnant again because he doesn’t want the world to find out he is […]

Darren Kumar — Connecticut

I am writing this because my friend doesn’t have the guts to do it. this is Darren Kumar, one of the finest fakes the world has ever seen, this guy acted so nice towards my girlfriend initially just to use her for her family’s money. he WAS IN a 5-year relationship with her and had cheated on […]

Colleen Justo is a NIGGER

Colleen Justo is a N****R who lives with other n*****s who are all criminals. They are all drug deals dealing marijuana while they front as caddys and waiters at pizza restaurants. Her friends are all rapists and sexual predators who prey on women at bars by getting then drunk and using date rape drugs to […]

Colleen Justo

When it comes to high school I didn’t finish and am still getting my GED. My s*x life revolves around just n*****s and Puerto Ricans because I dropped out of high school to marry a Puerto Rican named Emil. I cant a normal date also because Im a fat a*s without any normal friends. I […]

Matthew O'Buck (Matthew Dronzek)

Don’t let the name “Matt O’Buck” fool you, like he is some “good time Irish guy” – his Polish Jewish mother’s maiden name is Dronzek, just like his brother Joseph O’Buck who also married some poor defenseless brown Philipino woman while molesting her brown Philipino-American son. These people are documented hardcore Zionists, child molesters/rapists/illegal gun […]

Cyvonne Ledford — Hartford, Connecticut

She used to sneak around and be a cheating s**t until her men didn’t want her loose p***y anymore. That’s when she started harassing his wife, hoping to become friends and learn some s*x secrets. That was never going to happen but Cyvonne Ledford is sad without a little side c**k, she gets a little […]

Dwayne Hall — Ivoryton, Connecticut

Dwayne Hall prays on women. I know he started years ago when he was living with his child’s mother, he would go online, looking for other women to have s*x with him. where he met a woman 35 years older than him. and she lived in Florida, he started cheating on his daughters mother. who […]

Colin Campbell — Connecticut

I am writing this report on behalf of my best friend ( Colin’s wife) . When she met this man he was perfect for her. We all seemed happy because she seemed to finally find a good man. Everyone thinks he’s a good man because his every move is calculated so people think so. Colindoes everything […]

Jennifer Belotti — West Haven, Connecticut

Did you lose a boyfriend to this s**t? Is your cheating husband on her ‘been there, done that list’? She’s been there, done him, and him, and him… Jennifer Belotti doesn’t keep them long, just long enough to break up a family or relationship, then moves on to the next d**k. She’s sucking a lot […]

Sophia Florence Waterbury, CT USA

Sophia Florence of 170 Hillside Ave in Waterbury, CT is a mentally ill schizophrenic. She abused weed and heroin all day but unlike all the other crack hoes does not put out. Instead she is a little terrorist causing serious property damage and threatening the lives of local politicians, police, and first responders.

Sunil Saxena Stamford, CT USA

Sunil Saxena of 30 Buxton Farm Rd in Stamford, CT is a jew loving crack w***e. He has s*x with his fat 700 pound wife. He is a reverse racist fat smelly hindu who dresses like a clown and smells like s**t. And so do his wife and kids.

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