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Chantel Boeger of Stamford, CT CANNOT BE TRUSTED!!!!!!!

Chantel Boeger operates a brothel known as Respire Float, LLC out of her home in Stamford, CT USA with her husband Sean Boeger, a Stamford Police Officer and Vietnam Vet. They probably sell drugs out of their house and could offer deviant sexual favors for money. HmThez also operated an unlicensed coating business for years […]

203-510-6722 Reselyn Martinez Santiago from Zamboanga del Sur in Philippines living in the Waterbury, CT area illegally

She is an enormous crack addict and prostitute and lives at 146 Chestnut Ave Floors 2-3 in the Waterbury area. She is so fat and hideous that everyone runs away from her because she is a fat monster. She literally tears the floor out and rips out the ceiling tiles of the room downstairs so […]

Reyselyn Martinez Santiago is a crack whore and illegal from the Philippines

Reyselyn Martinez Santiago is a crack w***e and ugly cow from Manilla, Philippines! She weighs almost 600 pounds and is HIV positive. When not begging the locals for spare change, she acts like a hideous monster blackmailing local residents for spare change or she cuts their power off by turning off the circuit breakers.

Simie Rosenthal-Whalen is a Crack Whore!!!!

Simie Rosenthal-Whalen is a crack w***e and drug dealer. She commits insurance fraud submitting false claims to health insurance companies. She also commits medical malpractice and reckless endangerment / negligent homicide by prescribing crack and drugs with deadly side effects killing innocent people with strokes and diabetes.

Sean Boeger is a COMMUNIST BITCH

Sean Boeger of 179 Belltown Rd in Stamford, CT USA is a COMMUNIST B***H who worships the police union. His retarded decisions are made by an imbecile without a college degree or even a high school diploma – most likely cuz he was too busy getting stoned on weed in high school to think straight. […]

Frederick V Gamber — Granby, Connecticut

Lived with a girl in Connecticut, got her pregnant all while still sleeping with his ex in Connecticut and a 2 FWB there. Also in another relationship with Jessica in Alabama and other FWB partners in Alabama. Aside from prostitutes and strippers in Alabama and Tennessee

Videsha Lilmanmangru — Wolcott, Connecticut

Everyone’s first thought of Videsha when they first see her is: she’s a heroin addict. She’s got those, Snoopy-droopy eyes and a pockmarked face, people want to check her arms for track marks. What she does when she’s not f*****g married men is a secret that she doesn’t tell everyone. She will act like your […]

Steven Oliveria — Norwalk, Connecticut

I met Steve in early 2003. He seemed nice, cute, stable…seemed being the operative word. We went out a couple of times then *poof* he dropped off the face of the earth. Okay…life goes on. I started dating my current boyfriend in early May of 2003. After about three months of not hearing from Steve, […]

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