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Dustin Jarrod McCaskill — Manitou Springs, Colorado

He’s spent years attempting to destroy numerous families online. His constant harassment, stalking, threats, and lies caused some to stand up for themselves, and now Dustin is in full b***h mode. Whining, crying, just all upset because people are telling the truth about him now. He uses his own child to try and defame others […]

Tara E Haynes — Castle Rock, Colorado

Tara is a s***k and a w***e has been all her life and been used by guys since high school. She likes to stay in touch and hit up her old f**k boys on FaceBook. If they say they are with someone else she starts sending out nudes and more messages until they think they […]

Micah Laplante – Keystone, Colorado

Cheated and lied. Able to lie with comfort and ease, Cheating and held a secret lover on the side, Cheated with Andrew b Gunter. He is her is ex-boyfriend’s unemployed brother in law who is a flat earther, felon and has a criminal record. Can’t make this stuff up, Best of luck to the both […]

Clayton Easley — Centennial, Colorado

How could such a sweet sincere guy end up on this site? It must be because the person writing it is crazy right?! I’m sure that’s what he will tell you and that he was honest and upfront from the beginning but that’s not the full truth. Right from the start I should have walked […]

Shane Dickey — Peyton, Colorado

Shane Adam Dickey. Anyone who knows him will say the same. first I will say I would never leave my daughter alone with him. He has molested his daughter at the age of 6. Then cheating on his wife while married to another woman. She knew he is married, but she didn’t care. what a […]

Sofia Silva — Centennial, Colorado

Was having s*x AT work and INSIDE client’s houses. She lost her job when she got caught! Claimed several different times that different coworkers were getting her “pregnant” then would ask for $$$ for abortions. She already has 3 kids with 3 different men so she should know how birth control works. Which means she […]

Paige Elizabeth Smith — Golden, Colorado

Paige Elizabeth Smith is a dirty pile of trash! She sleeps with married men and ruined a family! This w***e is a homewrecker. She sleeps with married men. ruined a family with young children, she slept with my office staff, ruined relationships, played the victim, and caused so much drama. She is as ugly on […]

Tom Bennett — Denver, Colorado

This limp d**k likes to suck women dry, suck them for all they have and then cheat someone else out of money when the first well runs dry. Tom Bennett is a con artist and liar who will charm you and then rob you of everything. He trolls dating sites looking for victims, b****y p***y […]

Sofia Silva — Centennial, Colorado

She was having s*x at work and inside clients’ houses. She lost her job when her boss found out. Claimed several times she was pregnant and would ask the client for money so he would not have to tell his wife about the affair. She will stalk the guy if he does not give her […]

Yolanda Michelle Gomez Pueblo & Denver Colorado

I’m glad Yolanda wants her pictures seen and spread around and shared. I will help continue to share and spread the word about Yolanda and her pictures. I think she’s sexy AF. Does anyone else want to help share and spread her pictures around? The more people that view and download her pictures the happier […]

Kellirae Davis — Eagle, Colorado

Kellirae takes in men, she’s fond of two-legged dogs, ones with kids and an ex he cheated on and had to leave. C**k crazy whores like this give weasels a bad name. But Kellirae has the cheating b*****d, now, she gets to launder his s**t-stained skivvies and try and motivate the lazy b*****d. When he […]

Alissa Blanchard Steele — Colorado

Alissa Blanchard Steele is a liar, a cheater and a sexual predator. She has s*x with whomever she wants to from her 21` year old daughters Friends/boyfriends young, old, married, single, in a relationship… Mostly when she is “drunk and bored” at least that what she says when confronted when I asked her about the […]

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