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Kevin Norris is a cheater and liar

Kevin William Norris is a pathological LIAR and habitual cheater. He lies about school, work, where he goes, what he is doing, and who he has been with. He lies even when he doesn’t need to lie. Kevin is a cheating w***e. He moved to Chicago and started dating a guy without even telling his […]

Dana Nicholls

This dumb b**** ruined my entire life. She’s a liar or a thief and a dope smoking unfit mother. Stay away from her if you value your money your time and your self-esteem

pasche simmons doesnt live in colorado she is in tx sexing your husband

Met her in DC, started as a business fling, things got heavier, feelings developed but She lived out of town so I kept things slow Always says I’m cheating Always asking about my business partners (female only) We both travel for business regulal1y, great dates/convo/s*x at first… then tile distance, fewer texts, but always visited […]

Samo Aljasim DRD host

This guy doesn’t even swallow unless he’s paid extra. He lets you know this until just before you nut in his mouth and slap him in the face with your d**k. Not a reliable c********r, can’t deepthroat for s**t, he talks s**t too much. He swears he doesn’t have drd’s but there are lots of […]

Randy Cook / zr0skilz | COLORADO PEDOPHILE

He is [currently] a thirty-one-year-old pedophile who never quite grew out of his teenage phase. Immature and manipulative (but can’t lie to save his life), he prefers to spend his time online grooming underage teenage girls and having them send their underwear to his house.

Nichol Kessinger — Denver, Colorado

Nichol Kessinger likes to stand out and get all the attention, she makes men grow in the dark. The only problem is when they go back to their ex and she thinks they’re her man just because she f****d them a couple of times when they were having a problem in their relationship. Not every […]

Lane Peterson — Colorado

I was loyal to Lane Peterson he stabbed me in my back and had s*x with a 16-year-old girl. I still don’t know who she is to this day because when I caught him cheating he kicked me out of the house and locked the door. I walked in on him and he has never […]

Karl Ray — Colorado Springs, Colorado

Karl comes across as a sweet, honest, can do no wrong man. He can cook, treats a woman with love and respect, and is really smooth with his words. Underneath that cute smile is a manipulative, sly fox. He will con you into believing you are the only one he is seeing (haven’t we all […]

Alan Edwards — Aurora, Colorado

PSYCHOPATH WARNING: On Match.Com as “greatheart0000″…no matter how intelligent-sounding your profile is, he will make an attempt to draw you into his fake world of lies. He says he was born April 5, 1957, but gives a different date and location to each woman he PLAYS. You will be bombarded with phone calls from “unknown […]


He is a serial cheater! Married to him for 22 years. Looking back and putting 2 and 2 together, he’s cheated the whole time. Men is his preferrence. Male prostitutes, then tweek whores so he dont feel gay. Look up Nancy Lee Bendixen on and is one of his little whores. Beware ladies, […]

Mike Woodland — Highlands Ranch, Colorado

An acquaintance just emailed me and told me about this site and about Mike The chances that we both know him are one in a billion. That is shocking. It makes me really sad that these women wrote this about Mike. Not because it’s not true but because it is. I could have written it […]

Ken Posen — Denver, Colorado

Meet Ken Posen he is an abusive p***k and will do anything to trick you into thinking he is amazing but the truth run please run. This sleaze ball loves to play with a woman’s emotions and feeling like he cares for you but really he’s scamming you the whole time. He has eaten so […]

Dustin Jarrod McCaskill — Manitou Springs, Colorado

He’s spent years attempting to destroy numerous families online. His constant harassment, stalking, threats, and lies caused some to stand up for themselves, and now Dustin is in full b***h mode. Whining, crying, just all upset because people are telling the truth about him now. He uses his own child to try and defame others […]

Tara E Haynes — Castle Rock, Colorado

Tara is a s***k and a w***e has been all her life and been used by guys since high school. She likes to stay in touch and hit up her old f**k boys on FaceBook. If they say they are with someone else she starts sending out nudes and more messages until they think they […]

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