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Geno Indorato — Murrieta, California

Geno and I had been dating for two years. At first, he was amazing and would tell me how I was only the 2nd woman he has ever loved. We blended our families (his daughter and my children). For the first 6 months, we were in bliss. Then out of nowhere, he started his mood […]

Clare Martin — Allen, Texas

Clare Martin, 44, can’t take she got traded in & her ex-husband upgraded. Clare packed on 100+ pounds in a year and wonders why her boyfriend won’t marry her. She aspires to be a Real Housewife of Dallas. She is DRD positive. Clare’s only exercise is stirring up drama. Even her first-grade son gets exasperated […]

Vang Veny keovorabouth aka big dog aka mdv. Charlotte, Hickory, Greensboro, Atlanta, High Point, LasVegas USA

Beware of this guy, He’s a user, liar, cheater, scammer, thief, just your all-time biggest player. He may even have an std n won’t get checked. A single mom of 4 fell fir him hard, had me believing I’m his soul mate. Ha! I supported his a*s for the entire year along with my 4 […]

Robert “Bob” McKenzie — Des Moines, Iowa

Bob has a track record for f*****g more than a6 women at a time. I found out what a douchebag he was after being pregnant w his child. He continues to hide and lie and is so jealous that he becomes dangerous to his next target. I feel sorry for anyone involved with his limp […]

Luis Robles — Reno, Nevada


Nazia Ahmad — Chicago, Illinois

Nazia Ahmad is the kind of woman that women’s groups advocate against. After her now-husband, Bruce Nelson, exploited me for two years, Nazia seemingly encouraged him to misrepresent himself and me to the Courts. She has no doubt participated in his defamation of me which served no purpose other than to intimidate me into silence. […]

Aidan Davis — Watauga, Texas

He is a pathological liar. Says he’s single and the reality is that he has three children and has been married 18 years. He is on many dating sites. He exposes his naked body to his victims for validation. He lies and says he has lost many people in his life to gain sympathy for […]

Thierry Brouwers Thierry Browers Shawn woolstorfox Julien Villiers Thierry Copper Shaman thierry Hollywood Pompano Beach Florida

This man is still at it ladies. Don’t let him fool you for one minute. He is on the prowl for a woman that can take him in and let him use you up for a place to stay. He is NOT interested in any long term relationship. As a matter of fact, he was […]

Gary Marc Gonzales

I found pictures and videos (which he took without consent) on the phone I let him use having s*x with meth whores and ghetto s***s he did drugs with. The worst part is he did it in our apartment while I was at work and I was the one paying the rent, all the bills, […]

Jacy Cheavens — Bloomington, Indiana

Jacy was having s*x with 8 different guys at the same time, this s**t when she met another dude willing to give her some c**k. She even introduced herself to his wife when they were both visiting him in the hospital. She barely knew him but was ready to move in with him as soon […]

Annette Ramey — Austin, Texas

Annette Ramey went from property specialist to a side Ho to the main dish when she kept f*****g a married man who was stationed in Florida, even after his wife had asked her to back the f**k up and leave this d**k alone. Annette knew he was married and had children, she met one of […]

Kimberlea Masters — British Columbia, Canada

Kimberlea knows how to keep a man happy, at least for a little while. Give him lots of sloppy head and nasty p***y while his wife is pregnant. That temporarily works as a s**t charm. If he hesitates, give him pills from your personal stash to help you be a needy, trashy s**t. Do it […]

Marla Izbicky — Chicago, Illinois

This b***h is not your friend if you are married. She’s only inviting you near to sleep with your husband. She was recently sliding down the c**k of a married firefighter, Timmy Hays (his friends and b*****s call him Big Worm), while married herself. She was trying to put out the cheating fire, the same […]

Francisco Chacin — Miami Beach, Florida

I created this profile b/c an anonymous woman found my posting on an ex-boyfriend of mine on and gave my post a 5-star rating saying “I hope you also profile him on”. Well here’s the dirt. My ex-boyfriend’s name is Francisco Chacin. You used to be able to type in his name in […]

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