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Maulik Dholaria is a Cheater

Acts like he is single and sincere about dating, while he is married.Does not wear a condom ever with any hookup. Meets women on Facebook, POF and other free dating services. Prefers white women between 50-60 yrs old who will mother him.

Tyler Trudeau – Serial Cheater

Tyler Trudeau is a SERIAL cheater. He’s never remained faithful in a relationship. He’s got two kids now – both mothers he cheated on. First, it was a girlfriend he cheated on her and kicked her out when she was four months pregnant. Then he married someone else before the first kid was even born, […]

Denyell Vasquez

LYING CHEATING ADULTERER S**T AND W***E. Denyell Vasquez got with my husband when our son was still little, she knew he was married and knew about me even though she claims she didn’t. She had an affair with my husband and then he left us and never was in my son’s life again because of […]

Joey Greenwalt

He will screw anything I have his old phone full of dating site s***s he’s hooked up with age doesn’t matter he sees a girl in some apt as he tries and dates another woman he’s a high risk for HIV/AIDS …he’s abusive as well ladies you were warned

Chris Strafford

A complete womanizing man w***e, who traps women into his daily schedule of forced s*x and harsh labor, makes no mistakes this is one to watch out for girls. Any arguments, conflicting opinions or disobedience are heavily frowned upon by him, and he often indulges himself in carrying out his own harsh capital punishments, usually […]

Pedo Sex Predator at 289-600-3606

This number 289-600-3606 belongs to a convicted pedophile and a serial child rapist who just got out from prison!!! This diddler willscam you from Durham region using his cheap a*s Freedom Mobile phone!!! If you get a call from this pedo s*x predator, call the police ASAP!!!

Gavin Lewis the cheating stripper with stds

The guy is the biggest liar and cheater! I need to warn you all out there about Gavin Lewis, from Las Vegas, Nevada. He has slept with several women and has never used a condom in his life. He was diagnosed with genital herpes and will knowingly sleep with women without protection. He refuses to […]

Mark Cullum

Mark Cullum is a cheater. He has been married for 30+years and had an affair for 11 months. promising her the world while slating his wife off saying she is fat. He is a disgusting vile man. Nothing but scum.

Victoria is a Homewrecker

Victoria has been sleeping with my boyfriend behind my back for a little over 6 months now. She was my best friend until I found out that she was having s*x with my man. She is pregnant with my boyfriend’s baby. Don’t trust Victoria around your boyfriend or she will steal him away from you. […]

PM Garza?

Man of many names. This last name is FALSE and is an alias. Do you know this person? He is charming, charismatic, polite and mannerable. Appears to be the perfect gentleman. Remember appearances can be deceiving!!! I read an article recently that stated cheaters are only caught for two reasons. The cheater hopes that the […]

Illene Rostenstein öf USC is a fat JEW

Illene Rosenstein really tips the scales when she watches her weight. Her b***s sag like a sperm whale and you can‘t help but laugh watching her eat. Her gourmet consists of jelly-filled rolls and pastries. Eating out isn‘t her fancy she prefers double drinking all the egg nog she can handle at Thanksgiving.

Shawn Gendreau is a sissy bitch

This little b***h is a f*****g joke. If you let him out of the house he will literally open up any hole to slurp up any d**k he can find. Not sure how many STDs he has contracted considering he has no standards to the type of person he will f**k. He lives in Presque […]

Mary M~ 1foodiegirl Macias, Mary Elena

Sadly exposing her dirty buttcrack online and giving out loose p***y to bald white guys to get her bills paid and so Chris can get chicken nuggets. Do something better instead of claiming you and your son as victims and quick to sue when being called out for being a HOE. No one wanted you […]

Michelle Eicksteadt/Gonzales

Michelle is one of the biggest cheaters in history. While being a supervisor she had threesomes with upper management and had pictures and videos pass around about her. She’s an easy f**k with a huge fat stomach. She doesn’t care if you’re taken, she will go for it. She has no class and is dirty. […]

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