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Yoruba Demon

Omotayo Abiodun Adeyehun is a literal piece of s**t. He goes around on dating sites tricking women. Into long term relationship, when in truth he’s hiding that he’s married with a child!!! May G*d punish you!!! B*****d!!!

Annastasia Rose Beal — California

Annastasia is one of the worst human beings you’ll ever encounter in a lifetime. She’s originally from New Hampshire but just recently moved to Santa Ana, CA. She suffers from severe mental illnesses and is constantly making poor choices and faces serious consequences for her actions. She never once has gotten help but instead tries […]

Tim Olson — The Berries, Los Angeles

He cheats, lies. will take your money and then gaslight you into thinking you’re the crazy one. Preys on young girls who will boost his ego because he’s 48. Missing teeth washed up. bald. broke and has a small d***. Run, ladies!!! Run!!!

Wency Chacon — Los Angeles, California

Very ugly man Looks like a midget , his hands & arms are very small. I felt I was dating a dwarf. He is always drunk and his eyes are bloodshot. Has no game will lure you just to take advantage of you. He is on countless dating sites hooking up. He is a big […]

Linda Moody — Fresno, California

She’s a seriously Bi-polar b***h, with a habit of pathological lying, coupled with low self-esteem and the nearly constant alcohol/drug-induced stupor, she masquerades as a personality. She’s a total fake and poser, biker-b***h wanna-be, really just an excuse to hole up in some dive-bar, and hold court over a group of drunk losers. Whenever she […]

Randy Cassell — Clearlake, California

This guy is a total loser. Evil, abusive, manipulative and will say/do anything to get you to believe he’s sincere and that he loves YOU and only YOU. Definitely narcissistic psychopath. Extremely violent.. especially when drunk. Loves vodka.. closet drinker. Abuses and addicted to prescription pain medication. Second-strike felon (1st degree and 2nd-degree burglary), indecent […]

Dillon Francis — Long Beach, California

Completely self-absorbed, self-proclaimed ‘spiritual’ leader. If anyone would have met and seen the person I did behind closed doors, he wouldn’t have any friends. Extremely controlling hates fake people, yet is one, wants to be in power, doesn’t listen. Broke up with his ex for another girl, to then turn back around and tell his […]

Dianne Bates — Malibu, California

Name dropper. Like to be photographed with movie stars. Unemployable. Superficial charm to hook you in, then the craziness starts. Violent temper. Causes damage. Blames you for all she does. Con artist. Parasite. Stalker. Difficult to get away from.

Damien Teddington — California

Damien Richard Teddington is an unhealthy, broke, flabby, GAY con man in his mid 40’s who likes to lie to unsuspecting women about being GAY, He’ll even have the audacity to get mad at you if you call him out! He’s a sexual deviant often putting out s*x ads and then abusing transgender women in […]

Kim Reynolds — San Francisco, California

I dated Kim here in SF for a bit under two years. She is an attractive girl — or she was until her looks started getting away from her due to her affliction — but stay away. She is battling alcoholism, takes many prescription medications, and most important of all, has been diagnosed with borderline […]

Stephanie Bullock-Johnston — Ventura, California

BALLER ALERT!!!!! This cheater is in love with the idea she has money. B***h doesn’t have anything. She claims to be a baller and roll with the best of them. This w***e can’t even afford new underwear!! I know cause I went m**f diving and the stench was enough to make me throw up. This […]

Erin Frawley — La Mesa, California

This person is a serial cheater & keeps; a blog documenting what she sees as a wrong done to her but it’s all just her being a complete psycho to her boyfriends for not getting her what she wants. She threatens suicide to get her way and never remembers things the same way everyone else […]

Kellee Cooper — Castro Valley, California

Kellee Cooper is nothing but trash. She gets off on destroying relationships. It makes her feel good about her nasty self, to talk some loser with a girlfriend, partner, fiancé, or wife, whatever, to get into bed with her. She plays the victim like a pro, likes men to feel sorry for her and wants […]

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